silly amazon

Please note product...and then product features. That is some impressive coffee.

(yes, this is how busy and thrilling my Sunday is so far.)


It's the little things

1. There’s a little grocery-thing-place (yep, that’s what they’re called. I know things.) on my walk into work; I stop there all the time because they make a hell of a bagel sandwich, and I can’t resist a good bagel sandwich. They also sell other grocery-thing-place-type-foods (yep, that’s also the technical name for that. I know more than you thought.) including pre-made fruit salad. Normally it has grapes, kiwi, honeydew melon, and cantaloupe. I…do not care for cantaloupe. It’s not that I don’t like the taste, but it bothers me. Unless it’s wrapped in prosciutto, I don’t want it. Anyway, what? Oh – so, there are some magical days where, I don’t know, they run out of cantaloupe or something, and substitute MANGOES! This is the equivalent of me winning the lottery. So, this morning, I am a proud owner of a delicious bagel sandwich and a perfectly assembled fruit salad.

2. When you step off of the elevator on the 15th floor, where I reside, there is a small hall table in the “waiting for the elevator area” (wow, I am full of vocab today). When I first moved in, there were 3 cans of vegetables sitting there. And then they were gone. And then came a book*. And then a small vase. And then a loaf of bread. And then one package of pancake mix. I am beyond fascinated with this – I can’t wait to see what comes next!

3. People I wait with at the bus stop sometimes: The Family With The Kid That Throws A Tantrum Unless He Can Watch His Dad’s iPad And I Silently Judge Their Parenting (Even Though I Have No Experience In This Area), Lesbian Couple From The Other Building, Guy That I’m Pretty Sure Wore Those Sketcher Toner Shoes, And Even Though He Is Really Nice And Dresses Really Nicely I Can’t Get Those Shoes Out Of My Head. I wonder how they view me? Probably “The Girl Who Always Has Earphones In And Plays Angry Birds and Never Really Talks To Us Much”

What I’m saying is, I love the little things. Whether it’s a place, or people, or cans of vegetables on a hall table. The little things that, when they change, you suddenly realize are a part of your life, albeit weirdly so.

*I walk into the apartment like 4 days after seeing the book on the table, only to see that book on our dining room table. I ask Courtney, “Is that the book from the hall table!?” She says excitedly: “ YEAH! I have the other one in the series by that author, so I grabbed it!” So now that our apartment has benefitted from this crazy thing, at what point do I/we need to donate something? And what should I donate? The more random the better – I want to be a proponent of this Hall Table Gift Mystery!


ponder on, south lakes... title option two: it's funny because it's true.

I wonder how many romantic relationships that otherwise would have been really successful fail because during that crucial time of “we’ve hung out a few times, but I’m not sure I want to continue to do so”, the girl suffers major PMS, goes batshit crazy (in every area of her life) and returns to human form only to find it’s too late for damage control.

(in other news, in the last hour and a half I have: hated myself, almost cried, decided it's inevitable I will get a brain tumor from stress,  took deep breaths, actually cried, hated single men, eaten all carbs within a ten mile radius of my face, hated married men, felt extreme rage at a person for moving too slowly into a metro car, realized this too shall pass, eaten more ice cream than you can find at a midwestern state fair, and realized THIS WILL NEVER FUCKING PASS! And not necessarily in that order.)

It'd be funny if I didn't want to punch everything that moved, and then cry over it. BEING A WOMAN IS AWESOME.

**I wonder, part two: when will I regret posting this?**


this is a completely reasonable request

GChat. Franklin and I talking about, what else? Game Day. Virginia Tech vs. Boise State. Fed Ex field. 8pm. My parents, Wendy Parnham, Franklin and I are going.

Laura: i can't focus i just keep watching the entrance video over and over againnnnnn

Franklin: haha

Laura: haha okay, ::backing away slowly from the computer::
i will see you in 3ish hours! i'll be over there by like 1 so feel free to come over anytime if you're bored

Franklin: you play it on your phone
until it dies

Laura: it'll make driving on the beltway difficult, but i'll DO IT


this is me being a cool kid

....and being home on a friday night. blogging. and i don't plan on capitalizing anything here, so, suck on that, nerds!

so here's me, now with faces:


it was one big happy face:

it started with an everything bagel and a cup of coffee. my perfect breakfast, basically. work was good. work is good. work is...the following things: rewarding. fun. challenging. frustrating. interesting. terrifying. tiring. great.

then we got out of work early (2pm) because of the labor day holiday. i don't know who started the trend of getting out early the day before a holiday, but...i will kiss the person on the mouth if i ever meet them.

after work, two of my coworkers and i went and saw piranha 3d. it was...the worst movie ever. so awful that it circled back around to awesome. it was a cinematic masterpiece. and by cinematic masterpiece, i mean it will cost approximately 4.99 on dvd. for it's first week out, of course; after that they'll probably knock it down to 35 cents. but it had a fun cast- adam scott is in it, and i love him. so there's that.

after the movie i came home, made myself some dinner, watched a little hulu. downloaded the new weepies album. (so. good.) then one of my roommates, courtney, came home. we chatted for a while and then looked up (and danced to) s-club 7 songs - we did this because when i first moved in, emily (our other roommate), courtney and i were in the living room talking about old 90s stuff, and emily says "i don't know if you ever heard of this or watched it, i think we might have been too old for it at the time, but did you ever watch s-club 7?" and without even looking at each other or hesitating, both courtney and i go "YES" so emphatically and seriously, we both cracked up laughing and so now we recite this little conversation quite often.

so now i'm here. listening to the new weepies album (once again, so good) and reading other blogs and...getting ready for a great weekend. spending time with kelley and the boys tomorrow. might do a little fall wardrobe shopping on sunday (i really should clean and wash the clothes i already own..but i'm calling it now, i'm probably going to avoid it), and then monday is the virginia tech/boise state game at fed ex field! cannot wait. my parents, mrs. parnham, franklin and i will be tailgating and then sitting in seats that are basically back in sterling, but it's going to be awesome. enter sandman here we come. i've missed you, football.


sad face: bocce is now over. our first (and last) playoff game was wednesday. we lost. our season was not the best, but i had so much fun doing it. definitely one of my best decisions this year was joining bocce. i think we're having a team party in a few weeks. i can't wait. plus i can dress normally and not be all sweaty (well, maybe i will get sweaty, depending on how the party goes, OW OW! ...or not?)

crazy face: i spent a week in kensington maryland housesitting for a coworker. i drove into the city every day. while expensive, it was soooooo nice to be in my car. i had forgotten how much i enjoy having personal space. so this week, when i was back in my own place, i even drove in a couple of days. driving and parking in the city makes me feel like a fancy grown up. but it makes my wallet feel sad, so back to the bus and the metro it is!


happy face: tara and i will probably be making a couple of trips here: http://www.markermillerorchards.com/events.htm

happy face: i'm traveling somewhere else that is very special.

crazy face: lots of work things happening - if i get through this month and half of my projects go well, i'll be a happy camper. there's a huge risk of crashing and burning, but an equally enormous opportunity to show my awesomeness.


the bus is a treasure trove of hilarity

Getting on the 29K from King Street Metro (one of my late night options, tonight, after coming home from bocce)

We make it about a mile down Duke Street and after a gentleman in a wheelchair got off the bus (having to utilize the electronic wheelchair thing in the front), the bus sort of…stopped working. The driver got off, and did…something? But the lights went out. After about 12 seconds of this, 5 people called it quits and started to hoof it up Duke Street.

Less than a minute later, the bus driver came back in and turned the key…engine roared – bus back on.

“Impatient! And I ain't gonna pick 'em back up! Y’all can kiss and hug with the lights off, I don’t care - you can't wait 20 seconds!?”

And then as we drove by the Impatients…she waved to each and every one.

I love the bus.



*Adding to my list of neighbors, and these both live on my floor: The Totally Ridiculously Hot Guy, The Woman With The Yorkie.

*I moved all of my DVDs out into the living room on the shelves Missy and Franklin graciously gave to me…I then realized, I’m not entirely sure we have a DVD player in the living room.

*I finally put casters on my bed so I don’t wake up 5 inches from the wall every morning. I stay put. Well, my bed does. Apparently I’m basically doing Tae Bo routines when I sleep.

*Week Two Bocce game was a success, we won!

*A few new links on the side - Ro's blog, Meghan's blog, and another new and hilarious fave: Catalog Living. All so great. (KK, we should totes have a CC blog. I'm down)

*The last two movies I rented on Netflix were New Moon and Couples Retreat. That’s a combined 3.5-4 hours of my life I can’t get back. Awful, just awful. At least I got a little Jason Bateman fix. Luuurrrrve him.

*I am back to reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels (True Blood is based on them) ... they aren't really that good, but my desire to know what happens outweighs the fact that these books make Stephenie Meyer look like Shakespeare.

*I got new earrings the other week. And then I got new shoes. I am in no way sticking to a budget, but damn if I don’t look cute doing it.




Um, I don't feel like elaborating on everything, not that there's really too much to go into. But I signed in to comment on Meghan's blog (LOVE THAT SHE HAS ONE!!) and I found myself here.

New place is great. I'm comfortably in a routine, but I still don't feel...grounded? It's bizarre, it still feels like a vacation and I'll go back to living at home at some point, where my disposable income is three times as much as it is now. *sigh, budgets*

Work is good. Just when I think I've got a good firm grasp on it, another avalanche of responsibilities come piling on top of me. I like a challenge, but I also like breathing...so I suppose it'll get easier, all in good time.

I joined a Bocce Ball League. Yes, those exist. Back when I was temping (from January-May) I made a friend, Patrick, and he and I kept in touch after I left. He's awesome. So I had casually mentioned wanting to join some sort of obscure sports league in the city (kickball, skee-ball, etc) and he excitedly told me that he and his friends did bocce every summer, and he started including me in his emails and so I registered with them, and here we are!

We had our first game this past Wednesday. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. The Pour House sponsors the whole thing, so bocce teams get a price break on pitchers and burgers/appetizers - so we went there beforehand, which was nice for me as I got to actually meet the rest of the team. We went to the field (Garfield Park) and...lost. But it was fun playing nonetheless. We play every Wednesday through the beginning of September, when Playoffs start. Yes, playoffs. For bocce ball. Love it.

So, work, bocce, and a handful of fun meetups with friends and old coworkers in between. And trying to learn my neighbors. Which so far include "That Guy on the 7th Floor That Thinks I'm Really Weird" and "That 40-Something That Has The Exact Same Commute As Me".


the weekend.

1. Friday = drinks and dinner with grad school buddies. Went to Maggianos in Tysons II and openly judged the prom groups. Some were tasteful, some...were horrifyingly inappropes. When did we become the "kids these days!" people? But, seriously, kids these days.

2. Saturday morning/afternoon: Tara and I went to U street to window shop, and then to H Street NE/Atlas District for lunch/errands. Had lunch at Taylor Gourmet. Delish. Had my first Water Ice! It's like a slurpee but thicker. Then went to pick up pies Tara had ordered from a place called...wait for it...Dangerously Delicious Pies. Unfortunately named considering their location. (read: H Street NE..not quite revitalized yet...or at all) After DC adventures we went to Tara's place to catch the second half of the USA/England game.

3. Sunday = Brunch with Franklin, Ro, Missy, and Jess! Went to Community Canteen in Town Center. Cheap and delicious. The best part was the on-tap sparkling water and lemons. Fancy! I got a wedge of french toast, literally, a wedge. It was basically cake, therefore, amazing.

4. Sunday = I may or may not have bought Hanson's new album. I cannot believe I am admitting this.

5. Sunday = went into work for a couple of hours. Got some stuff done, also brought home more to do before tomorrow morning. Somehow despite all of this I still love it. I wonder when that will change.



H is for Holy Crap: I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

"Yeah, sure honey, I’ll help you move all your shit.


I mean, all of your things.”

-Frank Benson, 6/5/2010

So far in my 27 years on this planet, I’ve identified as my parents’ child. Not as myself, mind you, but as being completely and wholly tied to my parents. That's really a few years too many. While I am proud to have the parents I do, because they’re fantastic, it takes a toll emotionally if I’m being honest. Imagine being 27 but still be in the same exact living situation you were in when you were 16. It is le suck.

In less than a month, that all ends.


Found a place in Alexandria via Craigslist. Two roommates – Courtney and Emily. They are awesome. Upon meeting them we mostly talked about Glee and True Blood. Could I ask for anything more?

My room isn’t anything fancy – it’s smaller than my room at home, but that’s okay. Big section of windows. Which, is nice, except for the fact that I generally like to sleep like vampire with as little light as possible. But that’s what curtains are for, so, easy fix. I’ll be sharing a bathroom with Emily. My closet is about the same size as mine now, which is good – no downsizing there.

The rest of the apartment is nice. All hardwood – er – fake hardwood. But whatever. Big open living room and dining room, completely lined with windows. Cute balcony. Small kitchen, but we’ve got a dishwasher. In-suite washer-dryer. Extra closets for storage. And the unit is at the end, on the corner – and on the other side of us is a storage closet, so…no real neighbors, other than above and below, of course. But we’re on the 15th floor, so it’s reallllly quiet.

Nothing about it screams luxury, but I don’t need luxury either. I want nice, and I want safe – and I’m getting both! And when I saw the place, I could see myself living there, and being happy. I had seen a couple other places over the last few weeks, and while they were also nice, I felt no connection to them. I guess I’m putting more than an average amount of stock in that intangible, indescribable gut feeling (for all I know, I could have been hungry at the time) but…it just seemed like the perfect situation for me.

The building is a high-rise right near the Duke/Van Dorn St. intersection. Which is also right by Landmark Mall. My initial reaction before seeing it was…”there?” (think Arrested Development’s “…her?”)

But it’s actually nice. And I did a little driving around the area today. There’s a CVS and a library half a mile from my building, and a little less than another half-mile from that is a shopping center with a Harris Teeter, Chipotle, ABC Store, and various other typical-shopping-center-stores. I’m about 10 minutes up Duke Street from the Masonic temple – I tell you that for geographical purposes only, not because it means anything to me. I just hope my dad doesn't start making various The Lost Symbol references.

The other thing that’s probably good for me is that there isn’t really a nearby Target. Let’s be honest, I need to spend a little *less* time in that store. Maybe we’ll get an out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing going, that would be helpful.

Work wise, it’s also a sweet deal. A bus line that goes to Pentagon metro runs every 15 or so right by our building – and Pentagon metro is about 15 minutes away from my office’s stop. So it’ll cut my commute almost in half – in time and expense. Those WMATA assholes can’t count on my $8,000 a day anymore!

I’m moving July 4th weekend, probably. The lease (which I will hopefully sign this week) starts July 1 so I’ll have the long weekend to get settled. I’m probably going to do a few runs after work that Thursday and Friday, just taking over clothes and pictures and stuff. As much as I can cram into my little Corolla and carry up myself. The weekend will be for bookshelves and dressers and whatever other furniture I actually have to contribute.

Pictures will come as soon as I’m settled.

Um…I don’t really know how to end this…other than:



H is for Holy Crap: The Squeakuel

I don’t even know how to start this one. Here are some options:

1: 16 months. Sixteen. Months.

2: That far-off shouting you heard a couple of weeks ago was me.

3: I wasn’t crying, it was just raining on my face. I had something in both my eyes.

4: There’s a reason I got a Droid Incredible.

Pick your favorite, and proceed.

So, I don’t really know who reads this, other than, like 4 specific people. But I can guess that anyone other than those 4 people probably knows what I’ve been going through for the past 16 months: lots of frustration, tears, hope, disappointment, learning, building of character, and unequivocally the craziest and unbelievable-est amount of love and support from friends and family.

It all came to a head a few weeks ago, when I found out I had actually done it.

I finally got a job. In the arts.

I’m trying to not put too much stock in one job, but…this sort of validates everything I’ve been doing and going through for the past two and a half years. Yes, it was that long ago that I chose to quit my job and go back to school for something I truly cared about; two and a half years of trying to start a career.

It’s finally starting.

It feels so good to just say that. It feels better to tell you that today was my first day, and it went great. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.


H is for Holy Crap

Tara and I ventured to Annapolis today. I could make up a much more normal story about why we went, something like - exploring a new place - but, I'm going to tell you the ridiculous reason we went. Because I keep it real.

When Tara and I were in school (during which we were inseparable, did you know? If our classmates saw one of us without the other, they would instinctively ask where the other one was. This really happened...several times.) we spent many afternoons at Metro Diner, right in what I call Old Timey Fairfax, what I think normal people call Old Town Fairfax? Downtown Fairfax? Whatever, it's Old Timey to me. Metro Diner, I believe, is an off-shoot of Silver Diner. It had free wi-fi and cheap but decent food and Diet Coke and it was our little place. We spent an unusual amount of time there.

Several months ago, sometime in the fall, Tara and I made plans to go again - we were feeling nostalgic and wanted to relive the good days of Metro Diner. Well we show up and GUESS WHAT. It's not there anymore!

But! Posted on the door is "Come visit us in our other location!" - Well! An invitation so welcoming and friendly must also mean that they must be right down the street, right?

We were 0 for 2 at that point.

Yes, I know this story is about as transparent as an episode of CSI. Whatever.

Annapolis. That's the other location. We were so sad! But we vowed to go there and make a big deal of it.
Well friends, that day was today. We drove up there (took about an hour) and we found our little place, RIGHT NEXT TO A TARGET! I know, I know, it's not like I've never been to Target, but I always get excited about new ones. It's like traveling for me. It's a new and exotic Target! It's like a really cheap plane ticket to Europe without being stuck Coach, forced to sit through Big Mama's House 4 times in a row! And also, if one of our favorite places can be next to another one of our favorite places? Well, Annapolis, you are saving the day.

Uh, what? Anyway, Metro Diner was awesome. And don't even think we didn't tell the first employee we saw where we were from and why we were there. We expected free cupcakes and possibly the opportunity for us to sign a framed 8x10 of us to hang on the wall...but neither of those things happened. But the food was good and Diet Coke was cool and bubbly and we had a good time.

After going to Target we stopped by this cute little stationery store, and I got the CUTEST greeting cards. 5 of each of the designs below. They are by a person named Marc Johns, and he calls them "serious drawings". Marc, I think you and I might be soulmates.

The banana one is my favorite :-)

Part Two of H is for Holy Crap will be revealed in a few weeks. There even might be a part three!


I think Missy is on to something when she says Franklin and I share a brain...

GChat. 1:41pm

do you think it's possible that during the draft (either tonight or following rounds) that instead of getting drafted, someone will just punch tim tebow in the face?

Franklin: right in his scripture eye black?


Hi there.

I can't sleep, so, I thought I'd stop by.

-Still temping at that same place - Thursday will mark my two-month anniversary there. I thought about bringing this up to my coworkers and then leaving them with "I like funfetti cupcakes" to see if they'd actually do it. However 1: I gave up sweets for Lent* and 2: I would be horrified if they actually did it.

-Every Tuesday Franklin and I (and Missy, when WaPo isn't cracking the whip!) get together to watch Lost. 'Cause we're nerds. Totally awesome nerds.

*In addition to no sweets, I also added "Do something job-search-related every day" to my Lenten goals. I needed a little kick in the pants, to be honest with you. I got a little complacent in my temping, which may only last a week or two longer anyway. I'm hoping that I'll get a little Lenten Momentum. No new job opportunities yet, though. Still trying, every day.

-Went down to Richmond last weekend - I had lunch with Chris and Dana (Dana is my little from PSE and Chris is her husband, who was also in PSE) and then went to Allison's (one of my old roommates) for her birthday party! It was a lot of fun; got to see some familiar faces. Played beer pong. It was like college all over again! But with a much smaller hangover.

Talking to old friends, catching up and such, I had a realization: right now my life is a giant game of pretend. I have a pretend job - it's full time, and I work hard and get paid, but it's not permanent. it's not real. And I live in a nice house all by myself - and I don't pay for it, and my parents will be back in a month from now. My pretend job and my pretend house.

...I guess it really all comes down to wanting something of my own for once. Needing it, even.

-I'm going to Richmond again this Saturday - lunch with Vince, afternoon birthday party for another former roommate Shannon, and then a St. Patrick's Day party with Chris and Dana! I outsource my social life to Richmond, apparently. Basically seeing the exact same people I saw two weeks ago, but in a new rotation. I'm looking forward to it, especially seeing Vince. I literally cannot remember the last time I saw him.


Okay, there aren't enough exclamation marks or emoticons in this post. I'm doing okay, I guess I'm just tired. I blame Daylight Savings. Wait...make that:

I blame Daylight Savings!!!!!!! :-) :-P :-* (yeah, that's right, that last one was a kiss. OW OW!)


Dear Weather:





Drama Llama

When it rains it pours.

So you know how my parents are in Florida, right? Amongst many little chores and what not, one thing I have to do every so often is drive my mom's car. Just to keep it...healthy, I guess. It's a 17 year old Honda Civic and in great shape - it only has 120,000 miles on it. I know cars that are 10 years younger and have twice the miles. (I know some people like that too, HIYOOOOO!)

So I was driving it to run my errands today. I went to the post office in Reston, then drove out to Leesburg to their Wal-Mart (because the closest one to me in Fair Lakes sucks and I refuse to go there on principal) and then drove to the SUPERTARGET! (yes, I have to capitalize it and punctuate it at such. It's SUPER!) that's across the street from Wal-Mart.

I only went to get one thing at Wal-Mart - those individual drink-mix things, you know the ones you put into a water bottle? Wal-Mart brand's Cherry Limeade flavor is AMAZING. I try to avoid those things mostly because they do have aspartame, but...it tastes like a melted popsicle. And when you have that craving for candy or something sweet, they really do help. So I got those.

Then I went to the SUPERTARGET! I got a few things and then went back to my car.

And then it wouldn't start.

I tried and tried and...nothing. Oh also did I mention that it was cold and drizzling out?

A really nice man came along and tried to help; he looked under the hood and had me try a bunch of different tricks to get it to start. It wouldn't.

He left and I reluctantly picked up my phone to call a tow truck; at least we have AAA. Then I notice my phone. The battery is so low it's got that lovely "Danger Red" shade on. Basically I had time to make maybe one and a half calls, maybe. Of course.

It's obvious now that I'm home and calm, but I FREAKED OUT because I didn't know who to call first. AAA? If I call AAA and they put me on hold forever, I'm screwed. My parents?! A friend or someone to let them know I'm pretty much stranded?!

But I used something called logic - I'm not really familiar with it but I hear it works for people. I called Kelley. I was like a minute from her house and I figured she has a cell phone that I could use since I knew mine would inevitably go dead before the end of this insane evening. She rushed to my rescue, thankfully. Because she's amazing.

While she was on her way I called AAA. I called at 7pm. I told them I was in Leesburg and needed a tow back to Reston. The woman I spoke with told me a truck would be there within an hour. In tow-truck time, I know that means anywhere from 2-4 hours, so I asked them to call me when the driver was 5 minutes away. In the mean time I went back to Kel's house and had dinner, so that part was nice. Even though the whole situation sucked, at least I had a good friend close by!

At 8pm the driver of the tow truck calls me and tells me he's in the Target parking lot by my car. Imagine that, a towing company (much less going through AAA) comes on time!?

Kel and I go back over to the lot and drive up to my car. There is no tow truck. Not by my car, and nowhere in the lot at all. So I call the driver back (on Kel's phone because mine had died about 30 minutes prior) and tell him what we're seeing, and it isn't him.

He says to me: "...you're in Arlington, right?"


So after I imploded from rage and frustration, I called AAA back and they said they had someone in the area (the correct area) that could be there in 20 minutes.

Luckily everyone held up their end of the bargain this time.

Oh I'm sorry, you think the story ends there?

Then once the tow truck came Kel got a call from Mike - Ryan was walking around and fell on his face right into the cup he was holding. They thought he had lost a tooth and there was blood and...you get the idea. It was panic-central in Leesburg, VA tonight.

Kel obviously had to go, but the tow-truck guy got me and my vehicle home safely and relatively cheaply. Surprisingly so, actually. And Ryan is fine - tooth intact, just a bit of a fat lip. He was apparently playing like five minutes later after the incident. He's such a trooper!

*SIGH* What a night.


It's getting better all the time...

Okay, setting aside the melodrama of the previous post. I’m telling you now, I still don’t have a permanent, full-time job, but things are getting better.

I have been working with a couple of recruiters for a few months now; I’ve gotten a few temp gigs, usually only lasting a day or two. I had a phone interview yesterday with a nonprofit here in DC for a development/fundraising assistant position – the hours are full time but they only need someone for a few weeks. The recruiter thought of me and I interviewed yesterday morning.

I was “competing” against one other candidate. I thought the interview went well, but assumed that it would go the way the rest of them have.

Well, by the afternoon, I found out I got the job! I was actually chosen for a job.

That in itself is enough for me. Having a steady income for a few weeks doesn’t hurt either, don’t get me wrong – but it feels so good to know that I actually came out on top for once.

So that starts next Thursday, for who knows how long. And whether it turns into something more permanent, or opens new doors, or doesn’t do either of those things, I’m just so so happy I was able to pull out a W on this one. It’s been too long.