procrastination, thy name is spotify.

i think at this point, everyone knows i'm obsessed with spotify premium. who knew losing my ipod on a plane two years ago would beget such a wonderful relationship. i've made a christmas rap playlist, because, yuletide greetings, bitches.  i've made kk and dan's wedding playlist. i love how easy it is to create weird, spontaneous playlists and not feel guilty b/c of that beautiful flat fee.

everyone ALSO knows i procrastinate something fierce. that's what i'm doing here today. avoiding doing work i don't want to do...and giving you a glimpse into what i'm listening to on spotify these days:*

1. blurred lines (robin thicke ft. ti and pharrell) - i know, "rapey". but also, DANCE-Y. sorry I'm not sorry.

2. cassiopeia (sara bareilles) - when i first heard this song, i was sort of confused. the intro was weird. and then like 653467 plays later, i realized i sort of love it. it's a bit odd, but the right kind of odd, plus i could listen to her sing forever. FOREVER.

3. shake senora (pitbull, t-pain sean paul) - i made a playlist for missy of rap/hip-hop songs from that 1996-2004 spot, and this is one of the songs i included. full disclosure: this song is from 2011, i don't really remember listening to this song, but oh, the ass-shaking possibilities. full disclosure part two: I'VE NEVER SEEN BEETLEJUICE.

4. caravan (van morrison) - the only reason i'm listening to this song or know of it at all is because i was going through a west wing kick, and in one scene, amy and josh are in her apt and she is dancing around to this song. i liked it, so some googl-ing later, and it's made the cut.

5. i want you back (tyler ward) - i'm on a kick of indie covers of pop/rock/80s songs. tyler ward comes up a lot. i like this particular cover a lot.

6. anything from the lonely island's new album (the wack album) - protip: don't listen to it on public transportation or at the gym. you'll try to stifle laughter and look a bit bonkers.

welp, turns out my coworkers want to get froyo, so i'mma go do that and continue to not do the work i really should be doing but don't want to. because, work ethic.

*you could probably follow me on spotify too, but then you'd find out about that nate dogg playlist i have, so, maybe for the sake of you continuing to respect me as a person....don't.