friday night. franklin, ben, jess and i are watching previews, waiting for the hobbit to begin.

the preview is for oz: the great and powerful, the scene where james franco (aka oz) is being swept up by the tornado, and he's crouching in his hot air balloon:

james franco/oz: "i don't want to die! i haven't accomplished anything yet!"

ben: "cut off your arm!"



growing pains

it doesn't matter if you're 11 or 29, growing up can be challenging. especially as you get older, even the smallest of realizations can be tough to deal with.

1) seeing your parents as actual HUMANS with their own personalities, emotions, perspectives - and not just Mom and Dad.

2) the fading safety net - whether that net is your parents, school, sometimes even friends from different chapters in your life - it's ever changing.

3) realizing that inevitably, if someone uses the word 'duty' or 'duties' at all, i will laugh. i. will. laugh.