Hi there.

I can't sleep, so, I thought I'd stop by.

-Still temping at that same place - Thursday will mark my two-month anniversary there. I thought about bringing this up to my coworkers and then leaving them with "I like funfetti cupcakes" to see if they'd actually do it. However 1: I gave up sweets for Lent* and 2: I would be horrified if they actually did it.

-Every Tuesday Franklin and I (and Missy, when WaPo isn't cracking the whip!) get together to watch Lost. 'Cause we're nerds. Totally awesome nerds.

*In addition to no sweets, I also added "Do something job-search-related every day" to my Lenten goals. I needed a little kick in the pants, to be honest with you. I got a little complacent in my temping, which may only last a week or two longer anyway. I'm hoping that I'll get a little Lenten Momentum. No new job opportunities yet, though. Still trying, every day.

-Went down to Richmond last weekend - I had lunch with Chris and Dana (Dana is my little from PSE and Chris is her husband, who was also in PSE) and then went to Allison's (one of my old roommates) for her birthday party! It was a lot of fun; got to see some familiar faces. Played beer pong. It was like college all over again! But with a much smaller hangover.

Talking to old friends, catching up and such, I had a realization: right now my life is a giant game of pretend. I have a pretend job - it's full time, and I work hard and get paid, but it's not permanent. it's not real. And I live in a nice house all by myself - and I don't pay for it, and my parents will be back in a month from now. My pretend job and my pretend house.

...I guess it really all comes down to wanting something of my own for once. Needing it, even.

-I'm going to Richmond again this Saturday - lunch with Vince, afternoon birthday party for another former roommate Shannon, and then a St. Patrick's Day party with Chris and Dana! I outsource my social life to Richmond, apparently. Basically seeing the exact same people I saw two weeks ago, but in a new rotation. I'm looking forward to it, especially seeing Vince. I literally cannot remember the last time I saw him.


Okay, there aren't enough exclamation marks or emoticons in this post. I'm doing okay, I guess I'm just tired. I blame Daylight Savings. Wait...make that:

I blame Daylight Savings!!!!!!! :-) :-P :-* (yeah, that's right, that last one was a kiss. OW OW!)

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