maybe this'll work

You know how sometimes, you’re out and about, maybe wearing an outfit you especially like or just feeling inexplicably good about yourself, and you think to yourself, “I kinda feel like running into someone I know”.

And then you go into Target on a Tuesday night, and there you find Kevin Romano and his lovely bride Sarai?!

Well, do you, know that feeling?

I do.

This is obviously proof that I’m either clairvoyant (sadly this is not the first time I’ve claimed such powers) or…my thought have the power to come true.

Ya know what I was thinking would be great? Getting myself a job.

So I was thinking to myself the other day, wouldn’t it be awesome if I had gainful employment?

Get this: the other day, the idea of having an income randomly popped into my head.

Maybe that’ll do it.



Fun fact to start this blizzerg off right. I draft all of my posts in Word before posting them online, just, because. Anyway, I got into the habit of not deleting this scrap/draft Word file, and now it’s 45 pages long. 24,400 words. 106,871 characters (no spaces). It spans over a year, and starts when I went off to London for two months. **remember that?!!? I was there this time last year. Sigh** Anyway, looking at all those numbers and word counts is like looking my twitter Updates count; I see it rise and think to myself “238 posts of nothingness”.

Moving on. So last Friday Tara and I spent all day being super hipster cultural girl, at Artomatic! It was pretty cool. 9 floors of art cover all mediums from painting to coffee creamer lids, and all feelings from creepy to cute. I picked up the business cards of Greg Knott, David Hagen, Andrea Sherfy Cybyk, Matthew Parker, Jessica Van Brakle, and Mishka Jaeger. All different kinds of art I thought were interesting or colorful or funny…they had the common thread of being more than I can ever afford. Hooray! And of course the Washington Post’s Peep Diorama Contest was there too, which might have been my favorite thing. And ignited my sweet tooth, which is kind of weird.

One of my favorite dioramas was “Peepster’s Kill Room” because just the other week I started watching Dexter on DVD/On Demand/Other ways we won’t mention aaaand I love it. Add it to the “Late to the Party 09” list along with Weeds and The Wire.

This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but it involves video games so how can I not mention it? I was in Foggy Bottom/GW’s campus yesterday for volunteering, picking up lunch at this mini student union-ish looking place. I went downstairs to the Pita Pit (to 1: try and break my addiction to Potbelly and 2: to go somewhere that reminds me of 90210’s Peach Pit? Even though I wasn’t allowed to watch that show? THANKS MOM…what?) and do you know what you can do while you wait for your order to be made? You can play Super Mario Brothers 3. Also known as my FAVORITE VIDEO GAME. It was pretty fantastic. I only got through one level because they are quite speedy with their pita-assembling, but I hope everyone behind me was paying attention because I was basically putting on a clinic with my skills.

So there you have it: inane ramblings, a little bit of culture centered around candy, television and video games. That just about sums up my life right now.


busy bee, social butterfly, fake-geriatric elephant? or something?

Before we get into this week’s tomfoolery, I would like to officially announce that I am apparently a few birthday cakes away from being 87. I went to the library on Friday to check out a book which I discovered was all checked out at Reston except for….you guessed it…the large print edition. I feel ridiculous reading it.

Moving on. To the week! Franklin and I hung out Tuesday night. We had dinner and then we went back to the apartment to hang out. I read magazines and goofed around on the internet while Franklin expertly put together an entertainment center. We know how to party.

Wednesday was a car-fixing appointment and then I spent the day with Kelley, Ryan and Jack! It was our third Wednesday in a row hanging out – we are on a (super awesome) roll.

Thursday. Richmond. Lunch with Lesley. Hang out time with Lesley, Allison and Sha. Surprised Dana for her birthday. PF Changs. Cake. Delicious. Awesome.

Friday was wonderfully slow. Drove home, made the aforementioned embarrassing library trip, maybe applied to a job or something, I don’t know. I’ll use this section to point out a new attitude I’m trying out. So, here’s the thing. I’m applying for jobs, right? Constantly adjusting resumes and volunteering and doing some networking and always looking and taking suggestions from people and trying to be open, and, I don’t think there’s a lot I’m doing wrong. It still sucks but I’m trying. So in the meantime between now and that sweet, sweet day when I’m offered employment, I’ve decided to embrace and enjoy it. How else would I have been able to spend the day with Kelley and the kids on a Wednesday afternoon? How else would I have been able to make the last minute decision to drive down to Richmond for 17 hours? I’m trying to embrace it and take advantage of those kinds of social options. So that's that.

Saturday was the mostest funnest. Missy, Franklin and I went over to Mike and Kelley’s for lunch with Mike and our visitors Meredith and Geoff!!!! They were in from Ohio for Kelley’s sister Melissa’s wedding. Huzzah! We played with the boys for a bit and then went out to lunch. I was carrying one of the boys in his car seat and totally clobbered a guy in his knee. After a mad dash back to the house and rushed getting-readying, we made it to the wedding in pretty good time. It was SO FUN! Seriously, the Thomas family knows how to throw a wedding. I know, I’ve been to two of them! Lots of dancing, laughing, excellent grub, and maybe some partying thrown in there. I’ll never tell.

Stayed the night at Mike and Kel’s and this morning we slowwwwly woke up. Mike went to get the kids from his parents house, and Meredith, Kel and I cooked breakfast and sat down and ate together just as Mike brought the boys back. It was pretty adorbs. I just think we do the “friends that turned into family” thing so well. ‘Cause I’ve never talked about that before or anything.


Ye Olde Bits of Tid:

*http://tinyurl.com/qq62tn Oh my sweet jesus, nothing makes me happier than this, right now. Thank you for finding this Elyse! Amazing, especially with this summer’s cancellation of Screen on the Green, this makes up for it pretty well, I’d say!

*The Project Create (organization with whom I am volunteering) Showcase event was last night! A ton of kids came to see their artwork in MLK library downtown, and they performed African drumming and hip hop dancing. They were adorable and it was fun to put names to faces. Yesterday was the end of long days, my horrid dc driving, a dash of manual labor, and lots of fun overall. I still have a few things to do here and there in the coming weeks with PC, but things have certainly calmed down….now would be a great time to find a job (HINT HINT, UNIVERSE)

*You know what makes me happy and infuriates me at the same time? When things you know are true but don’t really want to acknowledge them….turn out really true. Like, I love to sleep in and, separately, love junk food. But I know that mornings really put me in a good mood, and eating well makes me feel leagues better than the alternative. Friday morning I woke up (before my mother, which is insane) and cooked myself a spinach and egg white concoction and drank a V8 while reading and waiting for a pot of Caribou coffee to brew. Even when it’s raining and gloomy, I just enjoyed the quiet morning and preparing good food for myself. I really don’t consider myself a morning person, even though I love them – I just hate getting up for them. Also I don’t really know if coffee counts towards the healthy morning, but I don’t care because I have a deep love affair with the stuff and that will never change. Anyway, my point is that morning was great and put me in an excellent mood.

*My birthday present from Missy was a New Kids on the Block concert! SQUEEE! They came to the Patriot Center on Sunday night. It was great. Here are my observations:

1. Jabawockees opened for them; they were pretty entertaining, except for that I think their masks are what nightmares are made of.
2. Our seats were awesome. See pictures. (note: my camera died halfway through, so check the flickr in a week or two for the second half...when I steal pictures from Missy)
3. I still got that rush every time one of them came to our side of the stage and waved or smiled or whatever.
4. They all look a MILLION times better as adults than they did as kids.
5. There were no less than four undergarment pieces thrown onto the stage. Really, ladies? (Our audience was apparently very horny…keep reading)
6. When they went to the center of the arena, they did this one bit where they took “requests” (or: just keep asking until someone mentions the right song) on what to sing next. From far away I shouted “SOMETHING FROM THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM” but they did not take my suggestion.
7. Joey still wears that hat with the top cut off and it makes me happy.
8. At the end of the show, one concertgoer held up a sign that said, I kid you not, “Give Me Sweet Cock”. I, um, I don’t…know what to say.

I just want to put this one up here, because it's my favorite one. Clearly they're still having a good time.


you always said how lucky you were that we were all friends. but it was us, baby, we were the lucky ones

That quote is pretty much my favorite, and it brings a lump in my throat every time I hear it - yes, it is a quote from RENT…because Missy and I saw it yesterday afternoon! I hadn’t seen it on stage in about eight years, so it was basically all new to me because I forget things that happened more than like a week ago. (Conveniently, this post discusses just that amount of time) Um, anyway, RENT was great, I don’t think that’s too hard to believe. And when I got home I might have watched the movie….maybe. I might have done that. ….yeah.

Backing up a few days…last Wednesday was my birthday! I went over to Kel’s and we held and fed and played with babies and it was awesome. And Kel made a delicious lunch, and then we ate cake! Then more baby fun times, then Mike came home and we may or may not have eaten more cake. Later in the evening, after dinner, we played Guitar Hero* and watched silly YouTube videos. It was a perfect day.

Last Friday also ruled. Missy and Franklin treated me to a birthday dinner at Coastal Flats – the one in Fairfax Corner, so I basically had to park in Sterling. But the food was good and miraculously our wait wasn’t long at all. After dinner we went and saw Up, which was SO GOOD. Like, REALLY GOOD. CAPS-LOCK GOOD.

Our story continues on Saturday! Allison (college roomie!) was in town for her friend’s bachelorette party, so she came over for lunch – we hadn’t seen each other in a year so it was nice to catch up! After lunch I went to Tara’s for a dinner/jewelry-making party with some of her coworkers. It was pretty fun despite my inability to make jewelry that doesn’t look like crap.

So that was the weekend. This week is pretty busy, and today definitely kick-started it; I spent all day at MLK Library downtown hanging artwork for Project Create’s month-long exhibit. Loading, unloading, inventory-ing, hammering, measuring, hanging, cleaning, rehanging, blah blah blah. The good news is that we had a break for lunch and we went to Nando’s Peri-Peri (on my recommendation, of course) and it was GREAT. I love that place. Anyway, I’ll be back in Project Create’s office all week working on stuff for the showcase next Monday. It’s like a job or something!

So no real job yet but I’m busy with friends and volunteering so it’s okay, and as I mentioned before, distracting. Which is a good thing. Plus I’ve got some more fun things coming up too. It’s always nice to have things to look forward to.

*Speaking of GH, my parents got it for me for my birthday! So, that has taken MarioKart’s place for now. Though I don’t have as much time to play it because I’m actually getting out of the house. Imagine that.


UM, Remember how I said I forget things if they were over a week ago – yeah, I got through writing this whole post and I forgot to mention SEANA’S WEDDING! Which was on the 23rd, so of course I would forget about it. Yeesh. So. The wedding! It was great! It was downtown and I drove, and managed to navigate things okay with Sarah as my co-pilot. Seana looked amazing and the reception was a blast. A day full of love and dancing and fun. Good times.