My dad sent me this picture via text the other day. It made me squeal.

You can see our little guy is adjusting quite well in his new vacation home, complete with a porch in which to lounge and follow the sun on all of the furniture, and of course, a bone.

I miss him.

it posts it on the facebook, or else it gets the hose again

I did it on facebook, so I'm cheating and putting it here to get something new up without having to go into anything I'm doing lately...because, I'm not doing a damn thing. Oops I guess I gave it away anyway!

the 25:

1. I really like the word “clever”.

2. I like to learn. I like being in school.

3. The following things give me immense pleasure even though I can’t do any of them well (and I wish that I could): singing, graphic design, cooking, writing, photography. So, like, everything.

4. Everyone knows I hate tomatoes…but I love ketchup and tomato soup.

5. I alternate between feeling excited and out-of-my-mind-terrified about the future.

6. I’m more excited by having a similar sense of humor/pop culture tastes with a guy versus values and such. Maybe that’s why I’m single?

7. Two things that can make me stop in my tracks and completely lose focus: dogs, a song I love.

8. I LOVE to make lists. I would make a list of lists I have to make.

9. Sometimes I am so much like my dad that it scares me.

10. I cannot stand when people crap all over other people’s taste in music**. Just because someone likes something you don’t doesn’t make it bad. It’s subjective. (**except for when people hate on Nickelback, then it’s kinda funny)

11. I love DC and everything related to it, even though I love it here…I suffer from wanderlust.

12. I love to make my friends laugh.

13. I’m not good with money. I like to spend it. Especially at Target.

14. I have a hard time designating my favorite/least favorite things. I like options!

15. Until about eleven months ago, I thought the phrase was “for all intensive purposes”, as opposed to “for all intents and purposes”. I’m a little ashamed of this.

16. I only really feel confident in myself when I’m around my friends.

17. I am annoyingly indecisive.

18. I strongly dislike the word “panties”. It simultaneously creeps me out and makes me want to punch things. Say it with me, UNDERWEAR.

19. I haven’t found that thing I’m really really good at. I’d like to.

20. I’m not meant to be leader, #1, or top dog at/of anything – I’m just not good at it and I don’t particularly like it. I don’t mind being top-tier, though.

21. I like wearing my grandmother’s jewelry.

22. I'm still really irritated over #18.

23. I think hugs and handshakes should always be strong, and I don’t like when people don’t execute them as such.

24. I like adverbs.

25. After I made this list, I rearranged things so it would have some sort of balance between the one-line facts and the multi-lined ones. Yeah.


A great day.

Like many Americans, I can say I was there. Granted, I could see very little (even with the jumbo-trons) and part of my experience was more about listening than watching, but I can always go home and watch it over again. You can’t attend it over again, right? Right.

I wouldn’t even have considered going, but Mrs. Parnham’s father and his wife have a townhouse at 4th and G SW, and they were out of town. So myself, my mom, Taylor, Mrs. Parnham, and another family friend Julie drove in Monday night, slept there, got bundled up Tuesday morning and had a relatively hassle-free walk to the mall! Mobs and mob-mentalities can often times be annoying, but when you’re there for such an historic event, and everyone there loves and supports and probably voted for the guy, everyone is pretty civil and happy and considerate with each other.

We ended up standing right in front of the Smithsonian Castle, which is about halfway between the Washington Monument and the Capitol. Our position was pretty good, but being short makes it difficult to see the jumbo trons when the people really start packing in and everyone chose to wear giant fur hats.

We didn’t stay for the parade. Once the Inauguration was over (we started moving when the poet started…sorry) we walked up the mall to head home, stopping only when the guy speaking the benediction busted out the “black won’t be asked to get back, brown can stick around, yellow can be mellow...” lines – we all stopped and started laughing, along with everyone on the mall. So then we cut through the Air and Space Museum, got a few seconds of warmth before heading back to the townhouse and watching the parade while eating a hot lunch and warming up. It was pretty perfect.

Surprisingly there was NO traffic when we drove in and out of the city. Like, less traffic on 66 than there are on normal days. There weren’t any restrictions for out-bound travelers so I really expected traffic going home, but there wasn’t any. Oh well, I’m not complaining!

Plus there were a bunch of cool little extras. Seeing Luke Russert taking pictures with everyone (I was too shy to do it, so I just stood and stared. That’s much less weird) and walking by the MSNBC tower and seeing Keith Olbermann! Then, if you were watching C-Span around 1pm-ish, you would have seen all of us! I was last in line to walk by, and you can hear me, like a total weirdo, go “yay, Virginia Tech!”. It was because I didn’t even think the camera was live, and the camera-man had VT gloves on. For some reason I expected some sort of acknowledgement or response from him…now it makes more sense. Oops.

I only took a few pictures, but I’ll get more once I steal them from everyone else :-)

Keith! I heart you.



(Sadly, not because of a job. Still no word, but I'm still trying and doing my best to stay positive even though that's not really happening)

If I haven't mentioned my obsession for Jason Schwartzman, well, then...now is the time to do it. Because he made me happy today.

First of all, I love him in the movie Shopgirl. Lurrrve that movie. Then my man goes and brings the world Nighttiming, one of my favorite albums of 2007, which, I still listen to all the time. Usually if I come across music I like, I'll listen to it non-stop for a couple of months then get sick of it. Still haven't gotten sick of Nighttiming, almost two years later.

Just in case I ever do, Jason has me covered. Today I discovered that he released Davy, his sophomore record! Hooray! I've got it on right now, I'm on track four. It has the same effect on me as Nighttiming. It makes me calm and sigh contentedly and smile and listen.

All three of those things are good to practice whether you're listening to music or not, so thanks to JS.