Go through this web site and see how many of these you do. It’s a little scary how many of these I identify with. Here is a sampling of things people do that I also do:

“I eat candy bars in sections. For example when I eat a Milky Way I first eat off the chocolate, then I eat the nougat and lastly I eat the caramel. My husband makes fun of me for this, but I think that it tastes better in sections.” (I have a weird way to eat most sweets. I try and stay away from them in general, but I do this with Twix, Kit Kat, or any of the various Little Debbie things. Of course I also eat Skittles and M&Ms in order of least to favorite colors. Skittles = Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Red. M&Ms = Brown, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green. I also have to eat cupcakes or muffins by eating the bottom stem part first, then the top section. )

“I can’t open Pillsbury Pop n Fresh crescent rolls without holding it at arms length and turning my head squinting my eyes. With all that preparation, I still jump when it pops.” (Additionally, I am terrified of champagne bottle corks hitting me. I will not open champagne bottles, and I shield my eyes/head when someone opens one. Luckily I don’t have champagne in my life that often.)

“I have to have the programs running on my computer open in a certain order. If a program has to shut down for some reason and restarting it will put it in the wrong spot, I’ll close down the other programs to put it in the right order. I also do this with the tabs in my internet browser, certain sites have to be open in a certain order. If they are out of order I rearrange them to be correct." (I didn’t realize I did this one – but my Outlook has to be on the far left, then iTunes if it’s open, then my internet browser. I don’t care about the tabbed part of this one, though.)

“When I pause something on tv and someone’s face is on the screen, I have to make sure that they are wearing an attractive facial expression. If their face is all scrunched up or their eyes or closed or something, I have to play, pause, play, pause until they look nice.” (Haha, this one made me laugh – I do this too, I feel bad for the actor that I would leave them looking goofy)

“I am completely freaked out by lots of small holes in things. Like for example a tree trunk full of small holes all grouped together, or say lots of small holes across a lawn. Makes my skin crawl, and I can’t stop itching for ages afterwards.”


Anywho. I love learning about other people's little quirks so this web site is endless amounts of fun - the comments section is also pretty entertaining.

PS - I would love to be in the car with this person: "While driving I must scream at the top of my lungs when any driver passes me on the right. " aaahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha


List o' updates

1. Get Back. By Demi Lovato. LOVE IT. Yes, apparently I'm 12. I don't even care.

2. Went to the Skins v. Bills preseason game last Saturday with Chris and Dana who were nice enough to offer me an extra ticket. Of course I'm happy we won, but I was happier to finally spend some post-wedding time with Chris and Dana - I hadn't seen them since April at their wedding! Yeesh!

3. Since Monday marked the beginning of DC Restaurant week, Tara and I went to La Tasca (in Old Town) on Tuesday, and took advantage of their RW-Unlimited Tapas. YES. We were there for 2 glorious hours, it was fantastic.

4. Today...I got a phone call from none other than ROSA LEE!! She is back in the US of A! HOORAY!!!!! And I will get to see her and all of the glorious CC in 3 weeks. Cannot wait.

5. I got a job! It all came about because yesterday I had a meeting with Lori, the University Life coordinator at Mason's Arlington Campus. I've been meeting with her a lot since last semester, working with GAMS and what not. So as it turns out, they had an opening in their office for a student to come in about 10 hours a week for help with administrative stuff, event planning, etc, that kind of student activity-ish stuff. I'm gonna do it! I start next week!

6. Just because:



The week since I have been back has covered so many things I love about here: Redskins, family, Payless, friends, grad school, free refills at restaurants, downtown DC, and more Redskins.

I got up on Thursday, had some coffee and read the sports section of the Post (full of Redskins info! LOVE IT!!!) then went to the gym for an hour. It actually felt really good to be back. I know, I can’t believe it either. We’ll see how long that feeling lasts. After the gym I came home and enjoyed a FANTASTIC shower in my own bathroom. It was nice to not have the water temp fluctuating about 20 degrees every 5 seconds (not really exaggerating here).

After a shower with one water temperature of my own choosing, I had some lunch and then snuggled into my bed to watch Anchorman. Since we spent the entire summer quoting it, it was great to finally be able to watch it again. After the majesty that is Ron Burgundy, I took a two hour nap. It was glorious.

Frank Benson made his incredible grilled salmon for dinner, and all was right with the world.

Friday I had every intention of going to the gym again – but lunch and a nap won out. Oh well. Friday night Meghan, Matt, Jess and I met up in Dupont for dinner and drinks. We went to La Tomate for dinner then headed down to Vapiano for a drink. Then we went back to Ben’s house (where Jess is staying for the summer) and met up with Franklin to watch Tivo’d SYTYCD episodes and have a few more drinks. An excellent evening all around.

Saturday I had a meeting with my GAMS officers, and was named President of GAMS! WOO! For those that don’t know, GAMS stands for Graduate Arts Management Society – it’s the official association of our degree program. So that was unexpected and exciting. It felt good to start making plans for the semester too, and talking about familiar things and people and all that.

That night my parents and I watched the Hall of Fame induction ceremony which, as a Redskins fan, was amazing. Not only for the honors that Darrell Green and Art Monk received, but also for the overwhelming boos that the crowd (mostly made up of Skins fans) gave Michael Irvin. HA! There’s no place or time or situation where we won’t show our hatred for that stupid team. I love it.

Sunday my parents and I went to Dulles Town Center to do a little shopping and I got 3 pairs of flats at Payless to replace the ones that got completely wrecked in London. I am in love with that city, but I wouldn’t call it clean. Anywho, spent the evening cheering on the Redskins as we watched the Hall of Fame game against the Colts. Honest to goodness, I really had that “first day of school” feeling watching the game; seeing all the familiar faces on the sidelines and on the field, and of course learning new names and numbers. And get this – WE WON THE GAME! HAIL!

Monday night I went to dinner with Tara and Mandy at the jazzy-fancy Panera in Fairfax and caught up with them. Today, my dad and I went to the Dominion Brew Pub for lunch, which is one of my favorite places to go. And tonight I had dinner with none other than our favorite mom-to-be, Kelley! It was lovely to see her, she looks amazing and I am so excited for those boys to come into the world.

Other little highlights of the week include: watching Arrested Development DVDs, not converting the time into 17 other time zones, not doubling the price of something to get the real price, and having Cherry Coke Zero back in my life. See, I said little.