emails from frank

i love receiving emails from my dad.

"Bon jiorno Laura Anne !
I hope you're settling into your new office nicely. Have you started adding any personal touches yet ? I hope your laundry went well 'bleach wise' the other day.
This is pretty exciting stuff so I'll stop now before your head explodes from the total overload you must be experiencing.
Cordially, Frank
Plus, I love you." 

(the bleach thing was me experiencing my first load of laundy in our coin-operated machines in our building - they don't have the little trays where you can put bleach or fabric softener, NOR can you open the lid once the water starts. so i of course called my parents to figure out what exactly to do with my whites*)

*the answer, was, just pour the bleach in with the detergent into the empty washer, load in the whites, close the lid, and it'll be fine. i'm an adult, i swear.