the bus is a treasure trove of hilarity

Getting on the 29K from King Street Metro (one of my late night options, tonight, after coming home from bocce)

We make it about a mile down Duke Street and after a gentleman in a wheelchair got off the bus (having to utilize the electronic wheelchair thing in the front), the bus sort of…stopped working. The driver got off, and did…something? But the lights went out. After about 12 seconds of this, 5 people called it quits and started to hoof it up Duke Street.

Less than a minute later, the bus driver came back in and turned the key…engine roared – bus back on.

“Impatient! And I ain't gonna pick 'em back up! Y’all can kiss and hug with the lights off, I don’t care - you can't wait 20 seconds!?”

And then as we drove by the Impatients…she waved to each and every one.

I love the bus.



*Adding to my list of neighbors, and these both live on my floor: The Totally Ridiculously Hot Guy, The Woman With The Yorkie.

*I moved all of my DVDs out into the living room on the shelves Missy and Franklin graciously gave to me…I then realized, I’m not entirely sure we have a DVD player in the living room.

*I finally put casters on my bed so I don’t wake up 5 inches from the wall every morning. I stay put. Well, my bed does. Apparently I’m basically doing Tae Bo routines when I sleep.

*Week Two Bocce game was a success, we won!

*A few new links on the side - Ro's blog, Meghan's blog, and another new and hilarious fave: Catalog Living. All so great. (KK, we should totes have a CC blog. I'm down)

*The last two movies I rented on Netflix were New Moon and Couples Retreat. That’s a combined 3.5-4 hours of my life I can’t get back. Awful, just awful. At least I got a little Jason Bateman fix. Luuurrrrve him.

*I am back to reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels (True Blood is based on them) ... they aren't really that good, but my desire to know what happens outweighs the fact that these books make Stephenie Meyer look like Shakespeare.

*I got new earrings the other week. And then I got new shoes. I am in no way sticking to a budget, but damn if I don’t look cute doing it.