Win, Lose, or Draw

(This has nothing to do with that show. Remember it, though? Also, let's take a moment to remember one of the greatest game shows of all time, Supermarket Sweep. Seriously, how fanastic was it!? I hope they do a remake. As long as they keep the sherbert-colored sweatshirts, because, those were pretty much brilliant. )

Things that Win:

1. Playing Guess Who without asking about physical characteristics (ie you have to ask things like ‘Has your person been on ‘To Catch a Predator’, or ‘Does your person confide too much in their pets?’) (and hanging out with Meghan and her super sweet fam)

2. Having Jean, Lee, Missy, Franklin, and Kelley and the boys over Sunday night – playing host and watching the Oscars together. Put some much needed vibrancy into the house.

3. Seeing Kelley and her precious bundles of cute and love TWICE last week!

4. My parents and Parker will be home three weeks from today.

5. Tara got a job! …that means I’m next, right!? RIGHT!? :-)

Things that Lose:

1. Still not being good at feeding a baby and having a conversation at the same time. (Sorry Kel!)

2. Being done with Season 1 of the Wire and not being able to watch Season 2 fast enough.

3. Being sick of talking about unemployment, and the economy…and yet that’s all I am able to mention. I’m sick of sounding like a broken record!

4. Trying to get a normal sleep schedule again…forcing myself to get up early. SUCKS**

5. Paying for the cap, gown, and hood for my upcoming graduation. It’s expensive! I guess I’ll be a grad student for Halloween for all eternity.

Soooo, 5 things each, I guess it's a draw!


**Let’s remember who we are dealing with here – I’m talking about 9:30am. To most, that is sleeping in. To me it’s the ass-crack of dawn. How did I ever wake up at 6am every day? Ew.


This and That, Rock and Hard Place

Wondering what I do to pass the time whilst I have no job? Here’s a quick list: Baking. Watching The Wire on OnDemand. Reading the Twilight series (Thanks Miss!). Cleaning every room in the house OTHER than my room.. Giving not-so-nice sideways glances to the tax form sitting on my desk. Using my Ped-Egg, but resisting the urge to do it every day because it’s essentially a cheese-grater for your foot (that is officially the most disgusting description ever, but the thing works, people). Watching “They Said What?” on People.com (seriously addicted). Netflix.

So obviously I’m still without employment. Still wavering between optimistic and gloomy. Here’s something that doesn’t help: My M.A. I know my degree has given me a lot of benefits, but it’s just incredibly frustrating that in this moment, it seems to be hurting more than helping. Yes, I said it. Let me explain, little ones. I am still very much considered entry level in the arts management world. Despite my internships and previous real-life-grown-up-job, I don’t have enough experience to be seriously considered for managerial positions. But I’m overqualified because of my M.A. I don’t have enough experience for Experienced-level jobs, and I’m too educated for entry-level. That leaves “coordinator” and “associate” level positions as my best option (and even then, the tasks associated with these vary on the perception of the organization)…so I have to either specifically wait for jobs with those titles, or potentially waste my time applying to jobs that either won’t take me seriously based on experience, or assume too much about me based on my M.A*. Awesome.

Okay, rant/pity party over. Things will work out, and the right thing will come along, but it’s hard to stay patient.

This happened a long time ago, but I keep forgetting to mention it. Schmapp (online/iPone application Map-Guide) contacted me a few months ago to tell me that a couple of my photographs from London/Paris are being used for their guides! Nothing really comes of it other than a credit under the photographs. No compensation, but it’s still a neat kinda thing.

Here is the one for Bath: http://www.schmap.com/bath/sights_museums/#p=115754&i=115754_22.jpg

and for Paris: http://www.schmap.com/paris/sights_montparnasse/#p=18707&i=18707_71.jpg

Thirdly, this guy:

Please indulge me with these photos. I miss my doggy terribly. Also, for anyone that is just joining us, he isn’t in doggie heaven or anything. He’s just in Florida with my parents. I’m just melodramatic.

Speaking of melodramatic, I loooooaaathe Tatiana delSTFU from American Idol. But I love Anoop. Also, have you heard of that Stage 46 book? I’m curious to read it but I don’t really want to buy it. I love AI, but it’s totally rigged. Like, voting is a sham, winner is chosen by the producers rigged. Or maybe not, but I love a good conspiracy theory.



*Lest you think this is all in my head, this opinion/information is based upon a conversation I had with a friend of mine in our program, who went on an interview with a woman who essentially told her this. DOUBLE AWESOME.