Mix Tape

Many thanks to Elyse for finding this! How fun!!!! These are just a few songs that make me happy for one reason or another. Also, there is more pressure involved in making a mix tape than I thought.

PS - I like how the tape inside actually moves to the other side like it's really playing. Heh.


I'm all over the place on this one.

Frivolous additions to the previous post:

1. I had a dream last night, and in the dream I woke up to a total of 5 comments on the previous post. One of them was from DreamKK saying that her post about the CC was meant to be something nice, but the fact that it spurred all of these overly-emo CC posts was getting a little annoying and it needed to stop. Though it was a dream, and I only posted that one thing, and I don’t think RealLifeKK or anyone would object to a little CC cheesiness, I’ll try and keep the drama posts to a minimum. After all, that’s what I didn’t like about my last blog, right!? Haha and RealLifeKK, I am not actually accusing you fake-dream-blog-commenting. Your dream-self is probably my subconscious (errr or something) telling me I should have more fun/goofy/not pointless things on here.

…Apparently my subconscious has nothing better to do with its time than critique my blog. That is just a bit sad. (By “just a bit”, I mean “incredibly”.)

(Did You Know?!: I have a family friend that is somewhat of a dream expert, and she says that if you’re in a dream and you want it to last longer, rub your palms together in the dream. Ponder on.)

Meghan, any cool information on dreams?! Though I guess I would expect that dreams fall into the realm of psychology as much as astrology is considered scientific…

2. I added some links on the right there. Cute Overload is appropriately titled. Go Fug Yourself is hilariously wonderful, and “Things I’ve Bought That I Love” is written by Mindy Kaling, the actress that plays Kelly Kapoor on “The Office”. Fun, girly web site about buying things. Yes!

In other news, if anyone has any suggestions for eating healthy in London while not having to barter my first born, your feedback is appreciated. I mostly want to eat/cook my own food, but I don’t want to spend my life savings…and yes, I am aware that will probably happen anyway given London’s prices (no matter what the item) and the current abysmal value of the dollar.

PS – Does anyone else ever act on things that happen in their dreams? I had a dream about a year ago in which I was taking a bikram yoga class, and ever since I’ve wanted to do one. Apparently I am very easily influenced by DreamLaura. And DreamKK.

PPS - It occurs to me that my blog as a whole is random as hell and not that interesting. (Like this particular posting...you can think so freely, knowing that I think it too!) I'm not fishing for compliments here.... It's because we all know I have nothing of substance/value to write about until I get to London. I've accepted it, it's okay. It's as much as a distraction from boredom/doing work for you as it is for me, right? :-)


New Jersey, bragging.

My good friend Iliana and I went to New Jersey this weekend for a Bridal Shower/Bachelorette party for our friend Dana. Item #1: We went to Atlantic City last night, and there are hoochies as far as thee eye can see. Item #2: I won $29 dollars! I was playing 25 cent slots (yes, I AM a high roller, thank you for asking) and on my 2nd bet I won 29 big ones. I cashed out immediately and didn’t play anything else - I learned my lesson from Vegas last year…”JUST ONE MORE, I’LL GET IT BACK I KNOW IT” isn’t a winning philosophy. And no, my bragging is not being served to you with a side of sarcasm. I’m actually really excited!! I have terrible luck with gambling or any game involving chance so this is big time stuff.

We stayed with Dana and her mom in her aunt’s house, and her aunt couldn't have been nicer and more fun – in fact, Dana’s whole family that we met were all so warm, welcoming, and funny as hell. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

On the drive home today Iliana and I were commenting on how much fun Dana's family has, and how close they all are. We got to talking about our friends and families from home (i.e., Northern Virginia friends)…I told her something about us, and I think she found it a bit odd. So I just have to brag for a second.

I have a very small family. My parents (and Parker!) are my only immediate family, and my dad is the only one left on his side. On my mom’s side I have some cousins and uncles and an Aunt, but we don’t see them very often. As much as I love them – and I do, dearly – and I love having them as family, I don’t always have that natural, relaxed, “I can be myself” feeling around them. This is probably only the natural result of not spending a lot of time with them, but it still feels a little strange that I have that inhibition around family. I love the tight-knit dynamic of my parents and I, but I’ve always wanted to have closer relationships with extended family.

…this isn’t the part I’m bragging about.

On my way home a few Tuesday nights ago, I made the spontaneous decision to finally pay the Thomas family a visit! I kept meaning to for the past few months but never find the time. So I hung out with Mrs. Thomas and Julie for a little while, caught up on family things, etc. and then stopped by the Parnham’s casa since I was in the area. They were watching American Idol so I ended up watching it with them. About a week later, I went by the Thomas family house again to hang out with the whole gang for a few hours. You may think it’s slightly weird that I just showed up unannounced (to my credit, I was invited that second time on Sunday) to people’s houses, but….that’s what I love about where I live. I could do that because all of our friends are so close, it really includes their families too. Any one of my friends could stop by here and say hello to Frank and Blue, even if I’m not there; they can and they have, and I hope they continue to do so. And it would be totally normal. Jean and Rosa hang out at the Greenspan’s sometimes. I can’t count the number of times we’ve all been over to Missy’s Dad’s place. The list like this goes on and on…

I lost both of my grandmothers last year - they were the only two semi-extended family that I was close with. I don't notice that it has affected me until I interact with a family like Dana's and a part of me is envious of their closeness...but it subsides fairly quickly as I'm reminded of what I have now. I know we only have one biological family and mine is pretty small, but because of my friends and their families I really feel like I have a HUGE family with about a billion people in it. I feel so lucky that we can all just go over and be one of the gang, no questions asked, because it’s a totally normal thing. Coming from someone who is sometimes envious of big family dynamics and close relationships like that, I really am so grateful for our friends and families because it makes me feel like I have that too.

I told Iliana about this, in particular my visit on that Tuesday and Sunday, and she said that it must be a Reston thing. I like to think we could narrow it down further. It might just be a College Crew thing. Just another thing that makes us so wonderfully special.


Tales from my bed, Part Deux

Maybe one day, if I write something while slightly inebriated, that title will live up to its connotations. But not today, friends.

When my head hits the pillow, it takes a fairly long time for me to get to sleep – at least 30 minutes, sometimes an hour depending on the day I had, or the days ahead. My mind just races – thinking about what I didn't get done, what I have lined up the next day, or that damn sudoku puzzle on my phone that I approached with such sudoku-bravado because the “Evil” level on websudoku is child’s play for me, so why wouldn't this be the same but ohhhh when my phone says “Diabolical” it really means it and I still haven’t solved it despite multiple atte - what was I saying? Um, so you can see how my mind wanders and it’s hard to reel it in sometimes. Stupid puzzle thinks it’s so smart. ANYWAY.

The other day I was searching on iTunes for sleep aid music, and in a twist that everyone saw coming, I got really tired after listening to 20some preview clips. I guess that’s a good sign that they work? But I happened to come across some subliminal mind music…here is my question to you: Do you think it really works? I think it’s proven that our brains have functions that are stimulated outside the realm of our immediate consciousnesses (it’s an S party up in that word that might not be a real word), but I find it hard to believe that these tracks follow the same principles laid out in a Saved by the Bell episode. These particular tracks - the iTunes ones, not the SBTB one - were designed for Weight Loss, Positive Thinking, Finding Love, Stress Free Forever (please don’t patronize me, iTunes), and a few others. There are no words, being that the tracks are about subliminal messaging, so part of me wants to call bullshit on this one. What if your thinking is changed by the act of buying the tapes and listening to them a few times, thinking you’re getting these messages? It’s like an iTunes placebo. The subliminal messages aren't actually there, but because you think they are, it kind of works anyway. But it doesn't take away from the fact that the tracks are BS.

The other part of me likes all that brain junk and wants to believe in it…that same part of me bought two of them. (no, not the Finding Love one…it hasn't come to that yet) DAMN IT. Also, since the only way placebos work is if you aren't aware of them, I might be out of luck. Well, even if I’m right, the music is still relaxing. And if I’m lucky, Zack Morris and I will be heading to that dance.


Spring WorkMore, DC appreciation

That’s right, it’s not really a Spring Break at all! Tomorrow Tara and I are in for the long haul at the Arlington Campus library/computer lab from 3-9pm…and again on Thursday from 10am-3pm. We’re meeting to do work for projects that aren't even due until at least a month from now, but we have so much to do in between that we have to start making dents in the work now. Also, I have a group meeting on Wednesday. And I need to go on campus to finish filling out/turn in my BUNAC work card application…and I have other homework that is due for next week. I’m complaining, I know. But I can at least see the value in the work, so that’s good. The other good news is that my program has allowed me the following experiences:

*A few weeks ago in my Arts Policy class we had a speaker from the NEA, and at one point she was discussing one of their panels and mentioned that Alberto Gonzales had been there…it was at that point that the ENTIRE glass started snickering and giggling. The NEA woman sort of smiled and giggled too and said “Don’t laugh!” Obviously, knowledge of his shenanigans is not unique to DC, but at that moment I really appreciated the fact that the entire class was politically aware. I love going to school in the DC area.

*My Arts Policy professor met the President the other day. She works for the Dept. of Labor for the Office of Disability Employment Policy. She said that at one point while meeting a disabled employee of the department, he patted her on the head and called her “an inspiration to us all.” Not cool, man, not cool. (Read: no one likes to be patronized.) Even if you think sharing this tidbit is unnecessary…it’s still kinda cool to be privy to this kind of stuff.

And finally, you can all thank Mr. Kevin Romano, because yesterday we watched the first two episodes of The West Wing! I don't think there was any question that I'd love it...and I do! I’m a sucker for anything set in DC, and of course it’s written by the CC’s fave scribe Aaron Sorkin. So now Missy can continue to be friends with me. The problem is now I want to watch ALL OF THEM AT ONCE. As you saw from the first paragraph of this kind-of-dull post, I am just slightly busy with school. But there will be more West Wing watching to come, I promise. Side note: I really like seeing all the Sports Night characters: Monica from wardrobe, Bobbi Bernstein, etc. I know there are more to come, I’m just saying…those are the first two and I like seeing members of the Sorkin family....because I want to be in it too? Maybe.

PS: I saw Josh Greenspan Saturday night – the first time since he’s been back! HOORAY! He and I went to Franklin and Missy’s and we saw Josh’s slide show of his deployment pictures, and watched SNL. Good times.

PPS: On SNL, Vampire Weekend was the musical guest and at first I was confused and generally in a state of WTF, but then I downloaded the album today, and it’s really infectious, clever, happy music. I’m so easily influenced.



"Dear Student,

Congratulations on being accepted into the London Internship Program for the Summer 2008 term......."



This week seems to be that week that ends the academic coasting and begins the shitstorm of work from now until the end of the semester. Excellent. Somehow I am handling it quite well, much to my own surprise. (Give it time. She'll be procrastinating in a week.)

Friday I managed to clean my room and bathroom, grocery shop (without buying things I didn't actually need), do homework AND go to a party. Saturday I cleaned the rest of the house, and hosted a party for my grad school friends. I cooked and everything. Today I cleaned again, did 4 loads of laundry, wrote 2 papers and did my homework for Thursday. In your face, piles of homework and various other responsibilities! I was Susie Homemaker and....Girl Name Grad Student? I don't think there is a girl-nickname phrase for grad students. Beth? Penelope? Yeah, I like that. Penelope Grad Student.

I am quite proud of myself. I'm sitting in a clean room (you know how big a deal that is for me, don't you?) with 95% of my homework done for the coming week. YES.

Now this...because I can't resist a good list, especially when it's about me. I'm an only child, sue me.

Things I love:

*Writing letters to friends. SNAIL MAIL, BITCHES.
*Spring break is next week.
*Cooking for friends.
*That my parents came home today safe and sound.
*Winking. (Brian Drake is the BEST at this. For serious.)
*Office supplies.

More pointless postings to come. Maybe some more alliteration too!