It's like West Wing except not at all West Wing

Today at work, headed into a meeting with my boss - we head towards his office and he goes "oh! - no wait, walk with me, I have to show you something, we'll walk and talk...in fact, our whole meeting will just be laps around the office" (he was joking, we did in fact sit down with the other members of the meeting) and I say "How very Aaron Sorkin of you!" and...reference lost on him. But that's okay. He likes to see pictures of the Pepperton* and always asks about him, that totally makes up for it.

In other work news - sadly not Aaron Sorkin related - business trips I haz them:
-Ann Arbor, MI - March 23-24
-Cleveland, OH - April 5-6
-Penn State - April 12-13 (or 13-14, something like that)

Plus there may be a work trip or two to Austin in my future. Fancypants is my middle name.

In other travel news but NOT work related, I am going to California in August for two weeks! Hooray vacation! Two weeks without the air feeling like soup! Blech. (Yep, it's February and I'm already complaining about DC summer humidity.)

In other news that has nothing to do with anything, Ben, Jess, (and Puck!) Franklin and I spent Superbowl Sunday together - Franklin hosted, I made Nutella Cheesecake (same portion but did a whole pie as opposed to individuals)  Buffalo Chicken Bites, and Potato Chip Cookies, and Ben/Jess brought potstickers, chips/pretzels and dip, homemade guac, and homemade pizza bagels. Serving roughly 30 people, oh wait, THERE WERE FOUR OF US. But it was awesomely delicious. And I was basically full until lunchtime of the following day :-P

*I may or may not also sometimes call him Pepper P. McSquirmyPants. Because I am a ridiculous, ridiculous individual.