don't let the virtual doorknob hit you on the way out

I've decided to not post for a while. Nothing is going on, and even when it is, um, even I don't find it all that thrilling. Basically I want the next thing I put up here to be about the job that I get. But not too descriptive because blogging about work is a recipe for disaster. Even I'm not that dumb.

Here's what I've got coming up, so you can imagine all the fun I'm having while I sit here and refresh Idealist twenty times a day:

Recruiter interview tomorrow
Movie day with Kel and the boys on Friday
Going to Richmond on Saturday to watch the Hokies season opener with some old VT friends :-)

And at the end of the month, my godparents are visiting and I get to enjoy the guest room for two weeks.


My parents are going to Florida for a week in the beginning of November.

And Thanksgiving with the Parnhams is at our house this year.

My parents will be going down for their extended stay sometime in January.

(I'm telling you these last three things in the event that I am still unemployed and can stick to not spreading my embarrassment throughout the world wide interscape)