the bus is a treasure trove of hilarity

Getting on the 29K from King Street Metro (one of my late night options, tonight, after coming home from bocce)

We make it about a mile down Duke Street and after a gentleman in a wheelchair got off the bus (having to utilize the electronic wheelchair thing in the front), the bus sort of…stopped working. The driver got off, and did…something? But the lights went out. After about 12 seconds of this, 5 people called it quits and started to hoof it up Duke Street.

Less than a minute later, the bus driver came back in and turned the key…engine roared – bus back on.

“Impatient! And I ain't gonna pick 'em back up! Y’all can kiss and hug with the lights off, I don’t care - you can't wait 20 seconds!?”

And then as we drove by the Impatients…she waved to each and every one.

I love the bus.


meghan said...

Love it. Sad trombone for the Impatients.

I rode the bus back in Oxford. Always interesting when listening to what others had to say.

Though this also reminded me of that band trip when the bus broke down.

Franklin said...

That's too funny. There are some great characters on the metro bus/trains, drivers and passengers alike.

Dan said...

I'm always entertained with people here on public transpo. Though the guy who clips his nails while on the train is disgusting! And we've seen him (or someone else) do it multiple times.

KK said...

Like Dan mentioned, public transit out here is always an adventure, but the best is when tourists get TOTALLY freaked out by someone that, to the rest of us, is just a little strange.

Also - the bus breaking down on the band trip, before we even got out of Reston is a classic.