considering it's my career field, i do not go to enough live performing arts events. i'm that person that comes into my office in the morning raving (er, or ranting, usually) about a redskins or a nationals game...to blank stares, of course. i would say you could consider it being well-rounded, but that would mean i have to demonstrate equal participation in the arts.

some of my arts experiences haven't been great. sitting in a dark theater for like, four hours watching tamburlaine, wishing my legs would fall off to spare me the misery and maybe provide some excitement. and then pretend to like it afterwards. or that crazy ass attempt at a modern rock opera of the tempest that was so awful, i escaped at intermission...the only event i've ever bailed on. i'm just not a classics person.

but i've always loved woolly mammoth theater company. their plays are quirky, funny, sometimes incredibly weird and inappropriate - and their messaging and branding is just the same. i feel like you can be a normal person in their space. i don't go there enough.

because i found myself really excited about almost all of the plays for their 34th season, i bought a flex pass subscription this morning! this is the first time i've purchased a season subscription/tickets to anything, much less the performing arts.

i'm really really excited. and now i don't have to feel guilty about continuing to talk about the nationals and redskins*.

(*lorenzo alexander...sad face.)


this is what 22 years of friendship gets you

TJ: i should have known you were in a good mood b/c your status went from a link to a collapsing silo to a puppy in footy pajamas