so formal...

this email exchange is ridiculous and i love everything about it:

from: LB
to: dad
subject: oh, hello, frank

"HI! it's me, your daughter! just thought i'd send a note to see if you guys were going to be around on saturday? thought i might come by and visit for a bit :)

laura anne benson"
from: dad
to: LB
subject: RE: oh, hello, frank
oh, hello daughter unit, also known as laura anne benson (the magnificent)
it's me your father! responding to your electronic communication (using my personal google machine, as it happens).
yes, we will be home on Saturday and we would love to see you :) how about that fancy sideways smiley face?
frank tipton benson jr
from: mom
to: LB
subject: RE: oh, hello, frank
Dear daughter
I too am excited by your upcoming visit!!! It will be delightful to see you again!
Your loving mother,
Carolyn Elizabeth Farrington Benson
from: LB
to: mom; dad
subject: RE: oh, hello, frank
Well my goodness gracious, aren't we the Formal Family!
Consider this my official RSVP to attend a Benson familial gathering at Twenty-One-Ninety Pond View Court on Saturday, August Third, Two Thousand and Thirteen in the Year of Our Lord.
I am really looking forward to the response.