H is for Holy Crap: I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

"Yeah, sure honey, I’ll help you move all your shit.


I mean, all of your things.”

-Frank Benson, 6/5/2010

So far in my 27 years on this planet, I’ve identified as my parents’ child. Not as myself, mind you, but as being completely and wholly tied to my parents. That's really a few years too many. While I am proud to have the parents I do, because they’re fantastic, it takes a toll emotionally if I’m being honest. Imagine being 27 but still be in the same exact living situation you were in when you were 16. It is le suck.

In less than a month, that all ends.


Found a place in Alexandria via Craigslist. Two roommates – Courtney and Emily. They are awesome. Upon meeting them we mostly talked about Glee and True Blood. Could I ask for anything more?

My room isn’t anything fancy – it’s smaller than my room at home, but that’s okay. Big section of windows. Which, is nice, except for the fact that I generally like to sleep like vampire with as little light as possible. But that’s what curtains are for, so, easy fix. I’ll be sharing a bathroom with Emily. My closet is about the same size as mine now, which is good – no downsizing there.

The rest of the apartment is nice. All hardwood – er – fake hardwood. But whatever. Big open living room and dining room, completely lined with windows. Cute balcony. Small kitchen, but we’ve got a dishwasher. In-suite washer-dryer. Extra closets for storage. And the unit is at the end, on the corner – and on the other side of us is a storage closet, so…no real neighbors, other than above and below, of course. But we’re on the 15th floor, so it’s reallllly quiet.

Nothing about it screams luxury, but I don’t need luxury either. I want nice, and I want safe – and I’m getting both! And when I saw the place, I could see myself living there, and being happy. I had seen a couple other places over the last few weeks, and while they were also nice, I felt no connection to them. I guess I’m putting more than an average amount of stock in that intangible, indescribable gut feeling (for all I know, I could have been hungry at the time) but…it just seemed like the perfect situation for me.

The building is a high-rise right near the Duke/Van Dorn St. intersection. Which is also right by Landmark Mall. My initial reaction before seeing it was…”there?” (think Arrested Development’s “…her?”)

But it’s actually nice. And I did a little driving around the area today. There’s a CVS and a library half a mile from my building, and a little less than another half-mile from that is a shopping center with a Harris Teeter, Chipotle, ABC Store, and various other typical-shopping-center-stores. I’m about 10 minutes up Duke Street from the Masonic temple – I tell you that for geographical purposes only, not because it means anything to me. I just hope my dad doesn't start making various The Lost Symbol references.

The other thing that’s probably good for me is that there isn’t really a nearby Target. Let’s be honest, I need to spend a little *less* time in that store. Maybe we’ll get an out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing going, that would be helpful.

Work wise, it’s also a sweet deal. A bus line that goes to Pentagon metro runs every 15 or so right by our building – and Pentagon metro is about 15 minutes away from my office’s stop. So it’ll cut my commute almost in half – in time and expense. Those WMATA assholes can’t count on my $8,000 a day anymore!

I’m moving July 4th weekend, probably. The lease (which I will hopefully sign this week) starts July 1 so I’ll have the long weekend to get settled. I’m probably going to do a few runs after work that Thursday and Friday, just taking over clothes and pictures and stuff. As much as I can cram into my little Corolla and carry up myself. The weekend will be for bookshelves and dressers and whatever other furniture I actually have to contribute.

Pictures will come as soon as I’m settled.

Um…I don’t really know how to end this…other than:



Dan said...

geographically - know exactly where you are! er, will be. Target is fairly painful to get to from there (except for down rt 1 maybe). Also you can go up the Masonic Temple for a cool view and for free I think.

Dan said...

OH. And holy freaking congrats!!!!

meghan said...

I would like to again say that I'm so FREAKING exciting for you! And the fact that you love the place with it's "intangibles" makes is just that much better. My mom is currently here and she is also genuinely happy for you. Can't wait to see it in August!

ro! said...

heck yes!!!!!!! <3

Elyse said...

WOOT WOOT! I officially declare 2010 the Year of the Laura!

KK said...

Woooooooooooooooot! Congratulations! I look forward to visiting it in person :)