oh, frank

so, backstory, for this to make sense: we have this thing in my family, where we use too much tape  on EVERYTHING. My dad more so than my mom, and apparently I picked up this habit. you should see the way our christmas presents are wrapped.

Before conference, a few of us were working late, and I was packing a couple of boxes while the others were in a meeting. As I was going about my business, packing, taping, packing, taping...I noticed they had stopped talking. I look over and see them staring back and me quizzically. they say "how much tape are you going to use on those things?!!?!" and i just laughed.

i thought this was funny, given that clearly i come by it honestly. so i emailed my parents to tell them. this was frank's email response:

"YES ! ! !

Most excellent young lady !  You can NEVER use too much tape - I'm so proud I'm crying on the keyboard - zzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttt = ooops, I I I th ththink iiii mmmmssstt haaaveee jjjusttt sssshoorrrtttrfed itttt oooouuutttt
love - Papa"

at least this typing craziness was intentional. he's really come a long way in that respect. oh, frank.