the weekend.

1. Friday = drinks and dinner with grad school buddies. Went to Maggianos in Tysons II and openly judged the prom groups. Some were tasteful, some...were horrifyingly inappropes. When did we become the "kids these days!" people? But, seriously, kids these days.

2. Saturday morning/afternoon: Tara and I went to U street to window shop, and then to H Street NE/Atlas District for lunch/errands. Had lunch at Taylor Gourmet. Delish. Had my first Water Ice! It's like a slurpee but thicker. Then went to pick up pies Tara had ordered from a place called...wait for it...Dangerously Delicious Pies. Unfortunately named considering their location. (read: H Street NE..not quite revitalized yet...or at all) After DC adventures we went to Tara's place to catch the second half of the USA/England game.

3. Sunday = Brunch with Franklin, Ro, Missy, and Jess! Went to Community Canteen in Town Center. Cheap and delicious. The best part was the on-tap sparkling water and lemons. Fancy! I got a wedge of french toast, literally, a wedge. It was basically cake, therefore, amazing.

4. Sunday = I may or may not have bought Hanson's new album. I cannot believe I am admitting this.

5. Sunday = went into work for a couple of hours. Got some stuff done, also brought home more to do before tomorrow morning. Somehow despite all of this I still love it. I wonder when that will change.



meghan said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

p.s. I found some old tapes at my grandparents' house. Band tapes. Oh the glory. We were such young ones.

ro! said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =]

Dan said...

I don't know which day makes me more jealous! Wish I could have been there! Jealous. Ok, maybe not for work on Sunday, but otherwise, I'm there!

Elyse said...

More than the Hanson album, I can't believe you're admitting you went into work on a Sunday...

KK said...

I iz jealous of your weekend. My weekend includes working, but no fun brunch plans :(