this is a completely reasonable request

GChat. Franklin and I talking about, what else? Game Day. Virginia Tech vs. Boise State. Fed Ex field. 8pm. My parents, Wendy Parnham, Franklin and I are going.

Laura: i can't focus i just keep watching the entrance video over and over againnnnnn

Franklin: haha

Laura: haha okay, ::backing away slowly from the computer::
i will see you in 3ish hours! i'll be over there by like 1 so feel free to come over anytime if you're bored

Franklin: you play it on your phone
until it dies

Laura: it'll make driving on the beltway difficult, but i'll DO IT


this is me being a cool kid

....and being home on a friday night. blogging. and i don't plan on capitalizing anything here, so, suck on that, nerds!

so here's me, now with faces:


it was one big happy face:

it started with an everything bagel and a cup of coffee. my perfect breakfast, basically. work was good. work is good. work is...the following things: rewarding. fun. challenging. frustrating. interesting. terrifying. tiring. great.

then we got out of work early (2pm) because of the labor day holiday. i don't know who started the trend of getting out early the day before a holiday, but...i will kiss the person on the mouth if i ever meet them.

after work, two of my coworkers and i went and saw piranha 3d. it was...the worst movie ever. so awful that it circled back around to awesome. it was a cinematic masterpiece. and by cinematic masterpiece, i mean it will cost approximately 4.99 on dvd. for it's first week out, of course; after that they'll probably knock it down to 35 cents. but it had a fun cast- adam scott is in it, and i love him. so there's that.

after the movie i came home, made myself some dinner, watched a little hulu. downloaded the new weepies album. (so. good.) then one of my roommates, courtney, came home. we chatted for a while and then looked up (and danced to) s-club 7 songs - we did this because when i first moved in, emily (our other roommate), courtney and i were in the living room talking about old 90s stuff, and emily says "i don't know if you ever heard of this or watched it, i think we might have been too old for it at the time, but did you ever watch s-club 7?" and without even looking at each other or hesitating, both courtney and i go "YES" so emphatically and seriously, we both cracked up laughing and so now we recite this little conversation quite often.

so now i'm here. listening to the new weepies album (once again, so good) and reading other blogs and...getting ready for a great weekend. spending time with kelley and the boys tomorrow. might do a little fall wardrobe shopping on sunday (i really should clean and wash the clothes i already own..but i'm calling it now, i'm probably going to avoid it), and then monday is the virginia tech/boise state game at fed ex field! cannot wait. my parents, mrs. parnham, franklin and i will be tailgating and then sitting in seats that are basically back in sterling, but it's going to be awesome. enter sandman here we come. i've missed you, football.


sad face: bocce is now over. our first (and last) playoff game was wednesday. we lost. our season was not the best, but i had so much fun doing it. definitely one of my best decisions this year was joining bocce. i think we're having a team party in a few weeks. i can't wait. plus i can dress normally and not be all sweaty (well, maybe i will get sweaty, depending on how the party goes, OW OW! ...or not?)

crazy face: i spent a week in kensington maryland housesitting for a coworker. i drove into the city every day. while expensive, it was soooooo nice to be in my car. i had forgotten how much i enjoy having personal space. so this week, when i was back in my own place, i even drove in a couple of days. driving and parking in the city makes me feel like a fancy grown up. but it makes my wallet feel sad, so back to the bus and the metro it is!


happy face: tara and i will probably be making a couple of trips here: http://www.markermillerorchards.com/events.htm

happy face: i'm traveling somewhere else that is very special.

crazy face: lots of work things happening - if i get through this month and half of my projects go well, i'll be a happy camper. there's a huge risk of crashing and burning, but an equally enormous opportunity to show my awesomeness.