live through this and you won't look back

I have deleted this because, I do what I want.


You’ll always remember…

…where you were (mentally or physically) in that moment, no matter what it was that changed for you – that maybe you didn’t know the world as well as you thought, the loss of innocence in a place or a person, the guilt of not being there, or maybe even if you’re lucky, a happy turn of events – whether it’s devastating or uplifting news, you’ll always remember.

Of course, we all have happy and sad moments that stay with us, but these particular events I’m talking about, these are different. It’s not just the event or the place, but that feeling. We all have them. I think a pretty common one is 9/11. I also have the following day I found out my childhood friend Tori had committed suicide, the night I found out Joe Gibbs was coming back as the Redskins head coach, and 4/16. I know the ‘Skins thing is a bit ridiculous, but I’m just grateful I have a good event in there.

On 9/11 I had been in college for all of two weeks. I remember waking up and like any other morning, reading friends’ AIM Away Messages...everybody knows what happens next. The day after I found out about Tori was the first time I dealt with the fact that the world keeps on moving even when you think it shouldn’t. Not everybody knew, but it was unfathomable to me that time wasn’t standing still. I honestly didn’t get it.

The night I found out Joe Gibbs was coming back as head coach, I was visiting Adam Temple and Bmo’s apartment (at the time) in Fairfax. Becky Porter, possibly Amy Rowland, and maybe a couple other girls were there, I can’t exactly remember. But I remember sitting in the living room, and Adam comes rushing in from his room with this look of unbelievable excitement. It still makes me smile thinking about it. He made the announcement, enunciating each word like he was even trying to convince himself, and we all jumped up and ran into his room to scour the Internet for more information. It was a good night.

Two years ago today, it was a regular Monday at work. I had come home the day before from a weekend trip to Blacksburg. That weekend was absolutely perfect and everything a weekend at Tech usually is. I was a little sad to be back at work, but still in that happy place that only VT can produce. Then my coworker Alpha (who is a VT alum as well) sent me an email with a link to a CNN web site detailing the events as they knew them at that time. The day went from there. Then came weeks, and now, years.

I debated mentioning something about today's anniversary, because I don’t know where to draw the line between showing I remember and care, and showing I remember and care by letting it go. If that makes sense. But I got an email the other day that my VT Filebox (the website VT gives you as a student to hold files, pictures, etc) is being deleted next month, and I don’t know. Going through those pictures makes me feel like this is a day worth remembering through recollection and celebration of a place that will always be home.

Remembering the time Lesley wouldn’t let me into her room until I said 23 nice things about her. I had to list the 23 to a seemingly uninterested door before I was let in. Or the utter ridiculousness that was everything about my participation in PSE, but that did give me the gift of some very special people that have a solid hold on my heart. Or the palpable energy of every single football game.

Anyway, this is all a long way of saying I love Virginia Tech. I am now and always a Hokie.


new link

So as you can see I finally got around to adding the ol' links back, after what people on the streets are calling "LauraisadumbassinregardstochangingherblogGate" and/or "Don'tthinkyouknowanythingaboutHTMLcodingforblogtemplatesbecauseyoudont 09"**

I just added a new one, 1000 Awesome Things. It's, well, awesome. Also, bonus, their links are great. So, win-win-win.

**It's clear no one on the street is very good at catastrophe-naming. I don't think either of those will gain popularity, nor will they get any press if for no reason other than incredibly non-catchy names.


late to the party

My latest topic o’uselessness on twitter was being late to parties. Not real parties, of course, but the proverbial ones. You know what I mean. As I was watching the last two episodes of Season 4 of The Wire today, I was thinking to myself how incredibly good this show is…and then I thought of how people were saying that seven years ago.

The more I thought about it, I realized I can’t think of a single TV show (with multiple seasons under its belt, still broadcasting or cancelled) that I love and have watched from day one. I think the closest I’ve come is 30 Rock, but even then I missed a good chunk of the first season. I was busy thinking Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was the good “behind the comedy sketch show scene” show*. Hm. But really, let’s examine this: Sports Night. LOST. How I Met Your Mother. Arrested Development. Family Guy. The Office. Flight of the Conchords. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. West Wing. Big Love. Some of these I jumped on a season or two in, some of them not even until they were over. For several years.

I make the specification of multiple seasons just because we don’t know how things will play out, and (*)clearly I have television judgement issues. Shows may start out great but then they start sucking: Desperate Housewives. Or shows that I loved only made it through one season, if that: Justice. Or a combination of both: The Nine. Six. Perhaps other numbered shows.

I don’t fare much better with music. I’m a huge fan of Ray Lamontagne, but didn’t discover him until right before his second album came out. I love Jimmy Eat World but I didn’t catch on to them until, geez, their fourth album, I think? Anyway I can think of very few bands that I have found without recommendation from others, or seeing them in a public forum considered to book successful artists. Though if Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman) becomes more commercially successful, we can forget this whole paragraph. Or at least I’ll have one example to the contrary of the general theme I’m portraying here.

Though I guess it’s a little more difficult to say “you knew them when” for bands/musical acts. With TV shows, they are either made or they aren’t. You can’t have varying levels of “underground” with TV shows. I guess the closest you would come to such a thing is what they call a cult following? With music, you can argue you saw an act live before an album ever came out, or an independently produced album or record only had like 30 sales or some such craziness, or hell, you saw them on VH1’s “You Outta Know”. I don’t know.

I’ve only mentioned TV and music, but certainly there are books* and movies* too.

What I’m trying to find out is, am I the only one that is late to any and seemingly all pop culture parties? Or have you been the first and only guest to arrive at a party that sunk harder than the Titanic?

*Didn’t start reading Harry Potter until Book 4 had come out. *Didn’t see Shawshank Redemption until maybe three years ago.


shake it up

The last two weeks have been pretty excellent. Friends from out of town, some new experiences, and a completely overhauled, shiny, new resume. Shakin' things up over here. Likin' it.

For one, the last couple weeks' fantasticness (it's a word. look it up. er, wait. don't) has been due to the appearance of a certain Kristin Delo and Dan Myers, on a whirlwind east coast tour. Luckily we were all able to spend a solid amount of time together, with babies and friends and wii and all the things you need to make a good night o’ friendship. I heart us.

Also, the fantastic Kelly Obenauer came to visit! She was in the city for a conference, being an adult and what not, so I went into the city to visit. It had been two years since we saw each other, which is alllll sorts of absurd. So we walked around and saw the cherry blossoms, and Bob Ryan getting his on-location forecast on. And yes, I did geek out a little bit. Local celebrity, eee! HOWEVER, let it be said, he is no Doug Hill. We also walked up to the Lincoln Memorial, and then up to the White House, then on to Chef Geoff’s for dinner! It was an excellent D.C. day. I’m always up for being a tourist in my own city. Except for when I get irritated by the real tourists. Mostly on the metro. Moving on.

In other news, I have started volunteering with a not-for-profit, called Project Create. They coordinate and provide professional arts instruction for at-risk youth in emergency or transitional housing in D.C. In June, they have their annual showcase of art (made by the kids) in MLK library so I’m helping them do stuff for that. Should be pretty cool. Good for the resume, good for the organization and it’ll give me some real event planning/prep experience.

I’m happy to be doing something work-related while still looking for a position. I really can’t take unemployment much longer. I’m hoping the things I’ve been doing in the last couple weeks will have shaken things up and reenergize my efforts. We’ll see!


I have a confession to make..

I watch this video (still....it came out in October of 08) probably twice a week. And I can't hear the real version now without singing this version in my head.

My favorite parts are how high Will Forte's voice goes on the "vampire BUT with dogs" and then Amy giggling in the background at the end. Gets me every time. Still.