Um, I don't feel like elaborating on everything, not that there's really too much to go into. But I signed in to comment on Meghan's blog (LOVE THAT SHE HAS ONE!!) and I found myself here.

New place is great. I'm comfortably in a routine, but I still don't feel...grounded? It's bizarre, it still feels like a vacation and I'll go back to living at home at some point, where my disposable income is three times as much as it is now. *sigh, budgets*

Work is good. Just when I think I've got a good firm grasp on it, another avalanche of responsibilities come piling on top of me. I like a challenge, but I also like breathing...so I suppose it'll get easier, all in good time.

I joined a Bocce Ball League. Yes, those exist. Back when I was temping (from January-May) I made a friend, Patrick, and he and I kept in touch after I left. He's awesome. So I had casually mentioned wanting to join some sort of obscure sports league in the city (kickball, skee-ball, etc) and he excitedly told me that he and his friends did bocce every summer, and he started including me in his emails and so I registered with them, and here we are!

We had our first game this past Wednesday. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. The Pour House sponsors the whole thing, so bocce teams get a price break on pitchers and burgers/appetizers - so we went there beforehand, which was nice for me as I got to actually meet the rest of the team. We went to the field (Garfield Park) and...lost. But it was fun playing nonetheless. We play every Wednesday through the beginning of September, when Playoffs start. Yes, playoffs. For bocce ball. Love it.

So, work, bocce, and a handful of fun meetups with friends and old coworkers in between. And trying to learn my neighbors. Which so far include "That Guy on the 7th Floor That Thinks I'm Really Weird" and "That 40-Something That Has The Exact Same Commute As Me".


meghan said...

1. Thanks!

2. Vacation? I know what you mean! Somehow I rented a house in Maine and brought all of my stuff with me for a nice, year-long vacation. By myself.

3. Love the Bocce. You're my hero.

4. SO glad you updated. Please do it more!

KK said...

I love bocce, but I love that you're in a bocce LEAGUE. Seriously. Also, it's super similar to curling, which people mock, but I really enjoyed watching during the Olympics.

I'm starting to think that the next level of staying in touch would be for the CC to just have one blog, and everyone post entries to it. Weird?