things i've done recently

1. went to new york city.

      1a. and while i was in the neighborhood, produced a classical music recital at weill hall at carnegie hall.

2. bought plane tickets to prague and california.

3. decided to learn how to sew. (like, tailor clothing, make own clothing and purses sewing)

4. been at a loss as to how to learn how to sew (on the cheap, people. on the cheap!)

5. moved on to sending an email to BREW (beagle rescue, education, and welfare) about volunteering

       5a. spent 4 minutes looking at the "available beagles" section and almost cried
       5b. okay, maybe they have an OFFICE i can volunteer in.

6. decided to judge the "The Family With The Kid That Throws A Tantrum Unless He Can Watch His Dad’s iPad And I Silently Judge Their Parenting (Even Though I Have No Experience In This Area)" bus stop people a little less, because yesterday they let him watch despicable me on the iPad and i totally watched too.