Home away from home

Okay, okay! I will update. Peer pressure up in here. Pictures from the weddings and a few other random things from CA are up on the Flickr. Hopefully I’ll get more from Heather’s wedding at some point.

Wedding #1 (or should I say vow renewal) was for Jean, so I got to reunite with some of the College Crew loves. The ceremony was great, highlighted by a superfantastic speech from Jean’s mom. The reception was fun, got to sit with the Greenspans at dinner, and then had a great time dancing and hanging out with everyone. Spent the rest of our time in Napa with Rich and Patti, our super-old-school-family friends. They have literally known me since I was born. My parents drove them to the airport about five minutes after my mom went into labor with me. (They had already promised to give them a ride, who were they to go back on their word?)

Once we got to Palo Alto to stay with the Scouffas fam (my godparents and fam), the fun didn’t stop! Lots of joking and laughing; just like old times…except I’m not six years old. Which, coincidentally, many people discovered during Heather’s wedding weekend. It’s kind of a weird dynamic. Everyone that I saw was still an adult, just as I perceived when I was little. But it’s different for everyone looking at me – there’s a big difference between six and 25. I know I don’t feel like I’m six anymore, but I don’t think I have any life experience to speak of that would qualify me as an adult, either. It’s a strange grey area. Regardless, I had an excellent time. I was glad KK and Dan could spend some time with them too. I like bringing the really important people in my life together. It’s more fun that way!

The wedding itself was amazing. I have never ever cried at a wedding, and I teared up five different times. During Shawn’s vows, during Heather’s, during the MOH’s speech, and then again during the “Best Man’s” speech (in quotes seeing as the Best Man didn’t deliver it, the other groomsman did). I don’t know what my problem was! But it really was a beautiful ceremony and then a really fun reception! Sadly the tambourine was not brought out – Heather had thought about bringing it but changed her mind. But that didn’t stop the fun! We danced until midnight then went back to the hotel for an after party that my godbrother Rick had set up as a surprise for Heather. I didn’t go to bed until 2:45am.

It’s all about your chosen families, people. It was so great to see the College Crew, who are the friends that we’ve been growing and nurturing since high school, middle school, and in some cases, elementary school. The godparents and their extended family are essentially my parents’ college crew, though they all started their friendships IN college. I really hope we all stay close and make the effort to stay friends because it’s definitely worth it, judging from my experience with my parents and my godparents. My two sets of parents can just sit around and not really do a whole lot but fill the time with talking, and LOTS of laughing about ridiculous things. Sound like any other group of friends you know??


*What 540 number called me at 4am last night?! Who are you?!

*Coming up: ARTS by George volunteering, Crafty Bastards with Tara, NKOTB! and more


California Bound

In roughly 9 hours, Frank, Blue and I will be on a plane bound for San Francisco. I am packed, only 1 pound under the max weight limit (dear god please let the scales work in my favor tomorrow) and ready to party it up with the CC and god-fam. It’s gonna be a good trip. Nay – it’s gonna be a GREAT trip.

The last two weeks: Work? Great. I really love it. I like working in Arlington and I get to play with office supplies. Classes? Meh, they’re classes. I’m going through grad school senioritis. I hear three weeks in California is a remedy for this. Friends? Got ‘em. Dinner and a movie with Kelley, dinner and a play at Woolly Mammoth with Tara, movie with Kevin and Sarai, dinner and football and movies with Jess and Franklin. Parker? Still defines cute.

Back in three. Weeks.