this n' that

*i finally watched Bridesmaids. my girl crush on kristin wiig is now off the charts.

*i went on a date that lasted 37 minutes. it effectively ended when he put his hand on my neck and i shouted "IT'S A FIRST DATE, CHIEF". (I told Frank Benson this and he gave me the thumbs up and then laughed for like half an hour)

*my friend listed this tumblr on her gchat status and changed my life: http://animalstalkinginallcaps.tumblr.com/

*i finally did some volunteer work with BREW (the beagle rescue outfit that we got Mr. P from) - I picked up two little angels from Centreville (that were coming from Charlottesville, in a panel van that was filled front to back, top to bottom with crated dogs) and took them to the main BREW vet office in Purcellville.

it was essentially the best two hours of my life.

*i made my first ebay bid ever. EVER. in the year 2011.

*i get to take business trips!

columbus, oh (oct 6-7, also seeing Vince and then popping up to see Mer, Geoff and Maddie in Shaker Heights for a few hours!)
cleveland, oh
boston, ma (oct 12-14)
long beach, ca
montclair, nj
happy valley,pa
ann arbor, mi

i feel like a real adult!


i can't even handle how funny this is.