It's getting better all the time...

Okay, setting aside the melodrama of the previous post. I’m telling you now, I still don’t have a permanent, full-time job, but things are getting better.

I have been working with a couple of recruiters for a few months now; I’ve gotten a few temp gigs, usually only lasting a day or two. I had a phone interview yesterday with a nonprofit here in DC for a development/fundraising assistant position – the hours are full time but they only need someone for a few weeks. The recruiter thought of me and I interviewed yesterday morning.

I was “competing” against one other candidate. I thought the interview went well, but assumed that it would go the way the rest of them have.

Well, by the afternoon, I found out I got the job! I was actually chosen for a job.

That in itself is enough for me. Having a steady income for a few weeks doesn’t hurt either, don’t get me wrong – but it feels so good to know that I actually came out on top for once.

So that starts next Thursday, for who knows how long. And whether it turns into something more permanent, or opens new doors, or doesn’t do either of those things, I’m just so so happy I was able to pull out a W on this one. It’s been too long.


meghan said...

It's all about enjoying victories, no matter their size. Congrats!

Dan said...


Alli Kat said...

Meghan's right - a victory is a victory. Congratulations!

ro! said...