you always said how lucky you were that we were all friends. but it was us, baby, we were the lucky ones

That quote is pretty much my favorite, and it brings a lump in my throat every time I hear it - yes, it is a quote from RENT…because Missy and I saw it yesterday afternoon! I hadn’t seen it on stage in about eight years, so it was basically all new to me because I forget things that happened more than like a week ago. (Conveniently, this post discusses just that amount of time) Um, anyway, RENT was great, I don’t think that’s too hard to believe. And when I got home I might have watched the movie….maybe. I might have done that. ….yeah.

Backing up a few days…last Wednesday was my birthday! I went over to Kel’s and we held and fed and played with babies and it was awesome. And Kel made a delicious lunch, and then we ate cake! Then more baby fun times, then Mike came home and we may or may not have eaten more cake. Later in the evening, after dinner, we played Guitar Hero* and watched silly YouTube videos. It was a perfect day.

Last Friday also ruled. Missy and Franklin treated me to a birthday dinner at Coastal Flats – the one in Fairfax Corner, so I basically had to park in Sterling. But the food was good and miraculously our wait wasn’t long at all. After dinner we went and saw Up, which was SO GOOD. Like, REALLY GOOD. CAPS-LOCK GOOD.

Our story continues on Saturday! Allison (college roomie!) was in town for her friend’s bachelorette party, so she came over for lunch – we hadn’t seen each other in a year so it was nice to catch up! After lunch I went to Tara’s for a dinner/jewelry-making party with some of her coworkers. It was pretty fun despite my inability to make jewelry that doesn’t look like crap.

So that was the weekend. This week is pretty busy, and today definitely kick-started it; I spent all day at MLK Library downtown hanging artwork for Project Create’s month-long exhibit. Loading, unloading, inventory-ing, hammering, measuring, hanging, cleaning, rehanging, blah blah blah. The good news is that we had a break for lunch and we went to Nando’s Peri-Peri (on my recommendation, of course) and it was GREAT. I love that place. Anyway, I’ll be back in Project Create’s office all week working on stuff for the showcase next Monday. It’s like a job or something!

So no real job yet but I’m busy with friends and volunteering so it’s okay, and as I mentioned before, distracting. Which is a good thing. Plus I’ve got some more fun things coming up too. It’s always nice to have things to look forward to.

*Speaking of GH, my parents got it for me for my birthday! So, that has taken MarioKart’s place for now. Though I don’t have as much time to play it because I’m actually getting out of the house. Imagine that.


UM, Remember how I said I forget things if they were over a week ago – yeah, I got through writing this whole post and I forgot to mention SEANA’S WEDDING! Which was on the 23rd, so of course I would forget about it. Yeesh. So. The wedding! It was great! It was downtown and I drove, and managed to navigate things okay with Sarah as my co-pilot. Seana looked amazing and the reception was a blast. A day full of love and dancing and fun. Good times.

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meghan said...

That was a hell of a lot more fun than my week. Live it up!