maybe this'll work

You know how sometimes, you’re out and about, maybe wearing an outfit you especially like or just feeling inexplicably good about yourself, and you think to yourself, “I kinda feel like running into someone I know”.

And then you go into Target on a Tuesday night, and there you find Kevin Romano and his lovely bride Sarai?!

Well, do you, know that feeling?

I do.

This is obviously proof that I’m either clairvoyant (sadly this is not the first time I’ve claimed such powers) or…my thought have the power to come true.

Ya know what I was thinking would be great? Getting myself a job.

So I was thinking to myself the other day, wouldn’t it be awesome if I had gainful employment?

Get this: the other day, the idea of having an income randomly popped into my head.

Maybe that’ll do it.


KK said...

Good to know Kevin and Sarai are still with us! Also, I feel good about your superpowers. Very confident.

Sarah said...

I don't know that feeling. But I *DO* know the feeling of wearing the schlubbiest outfit I own and no makeup and thinking "Wow it would suck if I ran into someone I knew right now" aaaaand then it happens. Haha :)

But I have a good feeling about YOUR superpower!!