Fun fact to start this blizzerg off right. I draft all of my posts in Word before posting them online, just, because. Anyway, I got into the habit of not deleting this scrap/draft Word file, and now it’s 45 pages long. 24,400 words. 106,871 characters (no spaces). It spans over a year, and starts when I went off to London for two months. **remember that?!!? I was there this time last year. Sigh** Anyway, looking at all those numbers and word counts is like looking my twitter Updates count; I see it rise and think to myself “238 posts of nothingness”.

Moving on. So last Friday Tara and I spent all day being super hipster cultural girl, at Artomatic! It was pretty cool. 9 floors of art cover all mediums from painting to coffee creamer lids, and all feelings from creepy to cute. I picked up the business cards of Greg Knott, David Hagen, Andrea Sherfy Cybyk, Matthew Parker, Jessica Van Brakle, and Mishka Jaeger. All different kinds of art I thought were interesting or colorful or funny…they had the common thread of being more than I can ever afford. Hooray! And of course the Washington Post’s Peep Diorama Contest was there too, which might have been my favorite thing. And ignited my sweet tooth, which is kind of weird.

One of my favorite dioramas was “Peepster’s Kill Room” because just the other week I started watching Dexter on DVD/On Demand/Other ways we won’t mention aaaand I love it. Add it to the “Late to the Party 09” list along with Weeds and The Wire.

This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but it involves video games so how can I not mention it? I was in Foggy Bottom/GW’s campus yesterday for volunteering, picking up lunch at this mini student union-ish looking place. I went downstairs to the Pita Pit (to 1: try and break my addiction to Potbelly and 2: to go somewhere that reminds me of 90210’s Peach Pit? Even though I wasn’t allowed to watch that show? THANKS MOM…what?) and do you know what you can do while you wait for your order to be made? You can play Super Mario Brothers 3. Also known as my FAVORITE VIDEO GAME. It was pretty fantastic. I only got through one level because they are quite speedy with their pita-assembling, but I hope everyone behind me was paying attention because I was basically putting on a clinic with my skills.

So there you have it: inane ramblings, a little bit of culture centered around candy, television and video games. That just about sums up my life right now.


meghan said...

I heart Pita Pit. Though ours does not have video games to pass the time. I now don't heart our Pita Pit as much. (Though I applaud the new option of wheat pita. Score.)

And I want a peep. Or maybe I'm just hungry.

KK said...

I LOVE pita pit. It is one of very few things I miss from Ohio. Ours totally didn't have SMB3 either! Lameeeeeeeeeeee.

Also, you always always make me laugh. This time it was the "putting on a clinic with my skills" that got me. :)

ro said...

drafting in word before posting is a good preventative measure. autosave is ingenius and it helps not lose all that hard work and then having to write a post that says "i had typed up a super detailed post about my super amazing weekend but then i forgot to save and now it's gone so i will sum it all up with one word: super."

Dan said...

I love THAT Pita Pit. I would go there all the time when I was at GW. I think it's a hidden gem because you have to look downstairs for it. It used to be Mario Bros. 1, so I'm glad they're evolving with time.