busy bee, social butterfly, fake-geriatric elephant? or something?

Before we get into this week’s tomfoolery, I would like to officially announce that I am apparently a few birthday cakes away from being 87. I went to the library on Friday to check out a book which I discovered was all checked out at Reston except for….you guessed it…the large print edition. I feel ridiculous reading it.

Moving on. To the week! Franklin and I hung out Tuesday night. We had dinner and then we went back to the apartment to hang out. I read magazines and goofed around on the internet while Franklin expertly put together an entertainment center. We know how to party.

Wednesday was a car-fixing appointment and then I spent the day with Kelley, Ryan and Jack! It was our third Wednesday in a row hanging out – we are on a (super awesome) roll.

Thursday. Richmond. Lunch with Lesley. Hang out time with Lesley, Allison and Sha. Surprised Dana for her birthday. PF Changs. Cake. Delicious. Awesome.

Friday was wonderfully slow. Drove home, made the aforementioned embarrassing library trip, maybe applied to a job or something, I don’t know. I’ll use this section to point out a new attitude I’m trying out. So, here’s the thing. I’m applying for jobs, right? Constantly adjusting resumes and volunteering and doing some networking and always looking and taking suggestions from people and trying to be open, and, I don’t think there’s a lot I’m doing wrong. It still sucks but I’m trying. So in the meantime between now and that sweet, sweet day when I’m offered employment, I’ve decided to embrace and enjoy it. How else would I have been able to spend the day with Kelley and the kids on a Wednesday afternoon? How else would I have been able to make the last minute decision to drive down to Richmond for 17 hours? I’m trying to embrace it and take advantage of those kinds of social options. So that's that.

Saturday was the mostest funnest. Missy, Franklin and I went over to Mike and Kelley’s for lunch with Mike and our visitors Meredith and Geoff!!!! They were in from Ohio for Kelley’s sister Melissa’s wedding. Huzzah! We played with the boys for a bit and then went out to lunch. I was carrying one of the boys in his car seat and totally clobbered a guy in his knee. After a mad dash back to the house and rushed getting-readying, we made it to the wedding in pretty good time. It was SO FUN! Seriously, the Thomas family knows how to throw a wedding. I know, I’ve been to two of them! Lots of dancing, laughing, excellent grub, and maybe some partying thrown in there. I’ll never tell.

Stayed the night at Mike and Kel’s and this morning we slowwwwly woke up. Mike went to get the kids from his parents house, and Meredith, Kel and I cooked breakfast and sat down and ate together just as Mike brought the boys back. It was pretty adorbs. I just think we do the “friends that turned into family” thing so well. ‘Cause I’ve never talked about that before or anything.


meghan said...

Aw, I miss you. See you in a couple of weeks!

KK said...

I like your new approach. But, am so jealous that you get to see everyone all the time. This is obviously the part where you're like, "Well, smartypants, if you hadn't decided to up and move across the country..." I miss you.

Dan said...

Ok, I remember putting together the last entertainment center. I think it weighed more than Franklin and I. And the new TV is even bigger?

I'm with you on the embracing!

Mere and Geoff were in town? Melissa got married? Baby playing? Alot is happening without us there! Don't pretend, there's been a lot of wii playing that was unmentioned Laura!