Ye Olde Bits of Tid:

*http://tinyurl.com/qq62tn Oh my sweet jesus, nothing makes me happier than this, right now. Thank you for finding this Elyse! Amazing, especially with this summer’s cancellation of Screen on the Green, this makes up for it pretty well, I’d say!

*The Project Create (organization with whom I am volunteering) Showcase event was last night! A ton of kids came to see their artwork in MLK library downtown, and they performed African drumming and hip hop dancing. They were adorable and it was fun to put names to faces. Yesterday was the end of long days, my horrid dc driving, a dash of manual labor, and lots of fun overall. I still have a few things to do here and there in the coming weeks with PC, but things have certainly calmed down….now would be a great time to find a job (HINT HINT, UNIVERSE)

*You know what makes me happy and infuriates me at the same time? When things you know are true but don’t really want to acknowledge them….turn out really true. Like, I love to sleep in and, separately, love junk food. But I know that mornings really put me in a good mood, and eating well makes me feel leagues better than the alternative. Friday morning I woke up (before my mother, which is insane) and cooked myself a spinach and egg white concoction and drank a V8 while reading and waiting for a pot of Caribou coffee to brew. Even when it’s raining and gloomy, I just enjoyed the quiet morning and preparing good food for myself. I really don’t consider myself a morning person, even though I love them – I just hate getting up for them. Also I don’t really know if coffee counts towards the healthy morning, but I don’t care because I have a deep love affair with the stuff and that will never change. Anyway, my point is that morning was great and put me in an excellent mood.

*My birthday present from Missy was a New Kids on the Block concert! SQUEEE! They came to the Patriot Center on Sunday night. It was great. Here are my observations:

1. Jabawockees opened for them; they were pretty entertaining, except for that I think their masks are what nightmares are made of.
2. Our seats were awesome. See pictures. (note: my camera died halfway through, so check the flickr in a week or two for the second half...when I steal pictures from Missy)
3. I still got that rush every time one of them came to our side of the stage and waved or smiled or whatever.
4. They all look a MILLION times better as adults than they did as kids.
5. There were no less than four undergarment pieces thrown onto the stage. Really, ladies? (Our audience was apparently very horny…keep reading)
6. When they went to the center of the arena, they did this one bit where they took “requests” (or: just keep asking until someone mentions the right song) on what to sing next. From far away I shouted “SOMETHING FROM THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM” but they did not take my suggestion.
7. Joey still wears that hat with the top cut off and it makes me happy.
8. At the end of the show, one concertgoer held up a sign that said, I kid you not, “Give Me Sweet Cock”. I, um, I don’t…know what to say.

I just want to put this one up here, because it's my favorite one. Clearly they're still having a good time.


ro! said...

screen on the green is back! woot.

KK said...

I AM SO JEALOUS about the 80's movie fest. That looks sweet. Also, ew about the underwear, I'm glad he still wears the hat. And, I'm really glad your event went so well. :)