Imitation is the sincerest form of something

What am I supposed to write about here now that I’m kind of in a holding patten until I get a job? Maybe I can mirror that of other ones I love, but…kind of my own version (um, obviously?). Like, for example:

Amalah = child-having shenanigans. Um, since I don’t have any to speak of, I can talk about the last time I was at Kelley’s. I was feeding Jack and was clearly not paying attention closely enough because all of a sudden Jack said “Auntie Laura, this formula that you think goes IN my mouth, actually goes all over my own face and your sweatshirt – let me show you!” and proceeded to regurgitate forumula in old-faithful-geyser-like proportions everywhere. My first baby-related stains, awwwww! Totally gonna tell him that story when he grows up, and he’ll be all like “Aunt Laura, you’ve told me this story like twenty seven times” (how funny that Jack will talk just like me) and I’ll say “I know but it’s just so cute and I remember when you were sooooooooooooo little” and then I’ll realize I’ve become my parents’ generation.

All cooking/food related blogs = I really like potato bread, but we don’t have the slices so I have to make these pathetic little sandwiches using our hot dog buns. My dad wonders why we run out of buns so much faster than we do hot dogs, and I laugh to myself. Also, I go through phases of food that I like. These days I’m either eating: pasta (vermacelli preferred) with butter, parmesean cheese (none of the real stuff, I prefer the sweet green Kraft bottle…that’s right) and garlic salt OR my potato bread sandwich with cheese, bread-and-butter-pickles and lettuce. You’d think I was pregnant, except for that I have the palette of a seven year-old.

Any fashion-related blog = Um, I came thisclose to buying like 4 different zip-up hooded sweatshirts from Target. And NY&Co is my fancy place to shop. My nail polish rule is: dark red for short nails, and when they’re grown out switch to light pinks and beiges. I’m breaking all the rules over here.

Gossip blogs/Go Fug Yourself = omg you guise, did you totally see what Parker was wearing the other day!? OMFG I KNOW.

This one works for Cute Overload, too.


meghan said...

You have no idea how much I wish I was Amalah... well, could at least write like Amalah. I love.

BUT I say the best form for this here piece of the world web is "the Laura Blog," aka "the LB." It's this crazy, new genre where any darn thing written is immediately LOVED by those who have the privilege of coming into contact with it. The information provided is golden. Golden, I say!

Yeah, go with that one.

ro! said...

HAAHAHAHHAHA cute cute photo

KK and Dan said...

Parker. SO hot right now.

Alli Kat said...

You do a much better job than me. I just go six months without posting and then do nothing but a bullet-point update because I don't have the time or the will to update on everything that's happened over the last six months. I sort of need to start over or something.

Btw, if you care to follow it, I have an LJ that I update once every six months! :D