Patience is a virtue or some such nonsense

Hi. I'm still busy trying to get through the end of the semester (and my degree) with dignity....aka something more than just "as long as it's in English and not scribbled on loose leaf, turn it in". God willing, I'll have more to say in a few weeks.

In the meantime, check out this web site, We Feel Fine. You can pull up any country, city, state, town (you can look up Reston, even) and it pulls out things people are posting on the world wide web from that location, and gives you a reading of that location's "mood". Little snapshots of people's lives add up to a feeling (or two, or a million). I'm not sure I'm explaining it well...but it's a cool site to look around. Neat idea and a really nice design. http://www.wefeelfine.org/ Check it out.

lovesss youuuuuuuu.

PS I added more pictures to my Flickr! Pics from Thanksgiving (stolen from Taylor!) and Heather's wedding (stolen from a variety of places) can be enjoyed.

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