Enough already

CLEARRRRRLY I've been in a bad mood lately. Thanks for putting up with me, World Wide Web-friends. (And real life friends?)

I'd like to give positivity a try, and push those other entries further down the page, so here is a post filled with happy things that make me (and maybe then you?) happy:

+When you grow up (only a little bit, it's still me, after all) you realize the things that really shaped you and mattered...I definitely think Girl Scouts was one of them. Maybe I could help lead a troop or volunteer in some other capacity...in any case, I think it'd be really fun to get back into working with them.

+These crazy kids:

They very much make me happy. Get to see them in two weeks. To be honest, events from the past three years** have kind of put a dark cloud over Christmas for me and I have NOT been looking forward to any of it...but I'm slowly coming around to being more excited, and it's completely because of those kids in the picture and their parents (The Parnham family, if you didn't already know that). We've been celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas together for about 15 years now and they are always the highlight.

+Tomrrow, I am turning in my final assignment as a graduate student. As soon as grades are posted...I will have a Master of Arts in Arts Management.

+Tara's boyfriend Brian is making Tara and I fancy food tomorrow to celebrate our completion of our MA program...we will eat said fancy food while watching The Office and 30 Rock and it will be glorious.

+Watched Iron Man tonight. Hadn't seen it before...thoroughly enjoyed it.

+Am so excited for/proud of Rosa. She got a totally cool and kickass job in NYC. Did exactly what she set out to do. Way to be.

+I've been spending almost all day everyday out of the house, because I can't get work done at home. So whenever I finally roll in at night and greet Parker, he gets kind of emotional and vocal about it....and then runs and gets a toy and acts all tough to compensate. It's adorable.

That's all for now....hopefully my positivity will translate to the rest of the world and good things will come my way and then I can inform you of (brag about??) them.

**not to ruin this upbeat post, but....last year: my maternal grandmother died and we spent Christmas and almost new years in the hospital, and it was our first Christmas without my fraternal grandmother (who passed in August of 07). The year before that my uncle died. The year before that my fraternal grandmother was in rare form and made me cry on Christmas Eve. AWESOME CHRISTMAS MEMORIES.


meghan said...

Congratulations and welcome to the masters club! I know I said there was a secret handshake, but, well, I lied. Sorry, it's not much of a club. BUT take that pride you have for Rosa and copy it for yourself. YOU also did exactly what you set out to do.

ro! said...

yeah fo rizzle.
congrats on the masters!!!!!!!!
woot woot. =]

KK and Dan said...

Welcome!! Meghan's right, there's no handshake, but there is a clubhouse. and FO REAL good job getting EXACTLY what you wanted! The jobs will come - I can't imagine you doing anything than exactly what you're supposed to do. Love you!