I could get used to this.

It’s Friday morning, and I think I’m finally over the jet lag. I can tell this by the fact that I can fully identify that it is, in fact, Friday. I’m still kind of worn out, but it’s due to yesterday’s activities. I spent allllll day on my feet. I woke up early yesterday after an amazing night of sleep (thank you, Tylenol PM) and did a dry run to my office – found it successfully! It was absolutely beautiful outside so I decided to walk the majority of the way back – I think I was walking for about an hour. It was really nice and I was trying to soak it all in. My office is near the Oxford Circus tube station and I walked back to the King’s Cross (AHHH HARRY POTTER AHHHH) station to hop back on to the Northern line to Angel station, which is the one closest to our flats. (My, don’t I sound British) On my way back home I ran into Katie and Vanessa who were out searching for phones, so I decided to go with them – we went to a ton of stores but everyone was out of the phone we were looking for. We did a little shopping/walking, and went back home for about 20 minutes before we got a larger group together to walk around the Covent Garden area.

I should have taken more pictures. There were street artists, musicians, adorable and amazing-smelling cafes, and a ton of stores. We walked down the Strand and got some coffee from Café Nero, ducked into Topshop for a bit and I got a wrap to eat later from what might be my new favorite place to get food. (side note: there is one near my office and it might be a problem for me to not go there everyday. End side note) Still in search of phones, we took the tube over to Oxford Circus (my second visit of the day!) and pretttttty much dominated Oxford Street, and every Carphone Warehouse and 3 Store in sight. We went into a few stores, and found ourselves at Selfridges. Has anyone ever heard of this place?! It’s like Tysons II on CRACK. There are like 87 floors of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, etc etc etc. We saw an Armani cell phone. Seriously. WTF. As a girl who lives for Target, I obviously didn’t buy anything but it was kinda fun to look around.

From Selfridges we navigated the tube back to Angel, and went directly to Arc, the bar that is right up the street from our place. On Thursday they do 2-for-1 cocktails so…I don’t think it warrants any additional explanation. We stayed there for a while and then headed over to Piccadilly Circus, and went to a bar called O’Neill’s. We got drinks and some finger food and sat at a table in front of a floor-to-ceiling window that overlooked Chinatown. Hi, London. What’s up. I love you. About half of our group departed and 5 of us went to the 3rd floor, which plays live music after 11pm. I had such a blast. We had a few drinks and jammed out to an incredibly fun live band. We took the Night Bus home and finally arrived back safely at our flat around 2am.

If you’re keeping score, I was out from 10am to 2am. Walking. All day. Dancing. I’m just a bit sore today. But I’m not complaining. I was taking advantage of everything that was thrown my way and didn’t stop for a second – which is the goal of being here, really. Especially this week, when we don’t have to work yet. Once we start the ol’ 9-to-5s, things will naturally slow down.

I have no idea what the plan for today is, but I’m cool with it. Check the flickr for more photos of my London shenanigans. :-)

PS: Wednesday was busy too but not as much. We went to two orientations, ate at our first pub of the trip, and later went out for a drink in an Islington pub up the street from our place. Also, the restaurants here are AMAZING and I want to eat at all of them. The end.


meghan said...

I also walked in Oxford... um, though I'm guessing that was no where near what you did.

Way to take advantage.

Josh said...

You've got to go to the Green Man! And watch for the green men every time you cross a street. Sounds like you're having a brilliant trip.

ro! said...


ok i'ma calm down now with the ALL CAPS.

sports cafe in picadilly circus. (where jean and I worked) monday and tuesday nights are the times to go cuz alcohol is cheap.

Josh said...

Laura you might have an easier time getting into Sports Cafe because you are a woman and not 3 dudes outside asking "Hey do you know two Asian women that work inside, yeah they said to tell you guys to let us in." And then the bouncers who look like American Gladiators in suits say "No, you can't come in. There is a private party going on." I'm just saying your luck is bound to be better. :-)

KK said...

hahah Josh is awesome. I AM SO JEALOUS. All of my wanderings and further fun times in the Bay Area are officially not as fun because your London tales win first prize all summer long. You're awesome.