Culture/history-filled weekend!

If you’ve looked on Flickr, you can tell I’ve uploaded about 1300 more pictures. I feel the need to upload them right away so I don’t get lazy and then never do it…so now those 12 on 12 are kind of buried. Looks like you’ll have to sift through all my adventures to get to them…or I could just cowboy up and organize them into albums buuuuut that day hasn’t come yet. Soon, dear friends, soon.

This weekend was fantastic!! Friday morning around 9am Laura, Liz and I went to the Wicked box office to try and get daytickets (on the day of the Friday night show, the box office opens up the front 24 seats for only 25 pounds) – which we did! We were the first people in line, so it was no problem getting our front row center seats! After we secured the tickets we came back to the a-p-t, had lunch and then headed back out to the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum. They were really really cool. As you can see from the tons of pictures I took. After a few hours there, we came home and relaxed for a bit, had dinner (Sainsbury’s sells mini garlic and coriander naan, and these little packages of baby corn and asparagus...so don’t even think I didn’t have the best stir fry and bread EVER. ‘Cause I did) and then got ready for Wicked!!

It was SO GOOD. I have read the book (and now must go home and read it again) but hadn’t seen the show. To borrow from the lovely Meghan Housley: A.Ma.Zing. For serious. I think I might have been on the verge of tears during 90% of the show. Does that make me a little bit geeky!? Yes. Do I care about this? Not so much. After the show we went across the street to a pub called The Shakespeare. We got drinks and then these English guys tried to pick us up, and it was a little weird but I suppose a little fun. Consequently, this was the night that our aliases were born…Hi, I’m Christy West, nice to meet you. Ha. So ridiculous. Though CDubbs is my second draft, I was Beth that night…KK, that’s a shout out to you and that time we went to Clyde’s and those weird guys came up to us and you were Beth (I was Veronica, I believe?) and I told them I couldn’t dance because I had one leg significantly shorter than the other.

Aaaaanywho. So Saturday morning we got up and went on a BUNAC trip to Bath and Stonehenge! We went to Stonehenge first, for about an hour. It was a beautiful day for it! As soon as Laura Turner gets her pics on the world wide webs, I’ll have some seriously absurd jumping pictures for you, haha. We were THOSE people. Love it. There were also a lot of This is Spinal Tap references. :-)

Next came Bath, which absolutely deserves a return trip. Jenna, Billy, Justin and I grouped together and walked around, got some lunch from that Boston Tea Party place you see in my pictures. I took a picture, geekily, of the falafel wrap I got, because it was SOOO GOOD. That’s the best one I’ve had next to Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan. So after lunch we went into Bath Abbey, then up to see the architecture at the Circus and Royal Crescent, then to the Jane Austen museum. We didn’t do the Roman Baths this time, but we’re planning on going back. We only had 3 hours there, and there is just too much to do to fit all into that time. It’s such a nice place.

After a two and a half hour bus ride, we were finally back in London. We stopped by our flats for a second, then went out to a pub down the street called the Eagle. It’s kind of dive-y in a hipster-y kind of way, but not full of itself. Is that the world’s most obnoxious description? Probably. But it was so much fun. They had a little cabinet set up with tons of old board games, so there were some rousing games of Connect Four and Sorry happening from our table! We stayed for a couple of hours and got home around 11. We definitely made the most of our day!

So I don’t have any clue as to what is in store today…probably just a museum or something. Again, we have to mentally prepare ourselves for another week of work!


meghan said...

Beth in Bath. Nice.

I'm now off to look at 1300 pictures... this may take a while.

ro! said...

you are awesome.
did you know that?

kk said...

I'm so impressed with your wanderings! It sounds like us when we first moved here...should work on getting all that back.

Hahaha yes I do remember you telling some guy you couldn't dance because your legs were different lengths. Who believes that kind of stuff??? Anyway, keep up the good wandering and blogging :)