Happiness in a variety of forms

This one is kind of a mish-mash of things. But who doesn’t love a good mish-mash? Right. On with it, then.

*I am currently in love with Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. My hands get really dry here and BBLBCC really helps. Plus it smells like heaven. Warning: you may want to eat it, that’s how good it smells.

* I loved everything about yesterday. The weather was beautiful, I ate really healthfully, walked a lot including a lunchtime trek up to Regent’s Park (which I’ll probably do again today), got a lot done at work, and had a silly-fun evening at home with the girls involving dancing and belting songs from the 80s and 90s...and maybe some video recording. It was a happy, fun, productive, sunny day.

*Sunday was also a fun day. More great weather, and Billy, Laura, Gareth, Jenna, Ellen, Traci and I ventured out to Camden Market. It’s a crazy mix of punk, hippy, goth, antique, girly, 80s, cool vintage and more. Plus the food was amaaaaaaaazing. I haven’t put it on flickr yet, but they had this donut cart…it was incredible. I took a picture. They were huge and we all got different ones. We also had lunch there, and we got everything from Mexican to Indian to Chinese…and that doesn’t include the Moroccan, Indonesian, Italian, Thai, Japanese, and many many others that were offered as well. Ugh, I shouldn’t be writing this so close to lunchtime. Anyway, Camden Market gets an A. I definitely want to go back before I leave.

*Work is still good. For every 10 Downing Street moment, there’s an equally trivial, intern-ish moment. They are currently trusting me to write two analysis-type documents that require research, critical thinking, and just generally a lot of brainpower. Also, I have to put stamps on 800 envelopes (200 down, 600 to go). I appreciate that balance and find it kind of amusing...I think mostly because the idea of 800 envelopes just seems so absurd to me – like it’s some crazy exaggeration I dreamed up and there are really only 15 envelopes, but no…I really have to stamp 800 envelopes…with the old-school, non-sticker stamps. I don’t know why I find it hilarious. Though to be honest, doing the trivial stuff is a nice way to switch your brain off but still be productive.

*The Minister of the Department of Children, Schools and Families is named Ed Balls. I laugh every time.

*I’m trying to stay focused on my time in London, but I’m already finding my mind wandering to September! I cannot wait to see the college crew and the Scouffi and fam. I’ve been saying this for the past year, I think, but now we’re only two and a half months out! I bet August is going to go by so slowly. Though August will be fun too – it includes a trip to Ocean City NJ, and the start of my last semester at school!


meghan said...

Not to keep you out of your "I'm in London!" experience, but will you be in Reston mid-August?

lb said...

Is it a faux pas to comment on my own blog?? Oh well. Yes, I will be! Will I get to see you?!?!??!!

Josh said...

LB, I just played ketchup with your blog and I have to say you've been busy. I will admit that I was really close to being an hour north of London while I was over in Germany a few weeks ago, but the plane broke so we didn't fly.

Also I remember going to O'Niells or however you spell it. Do they still play all American music? I also remember that Texas restuarant, I think Ro and Jean will tell you it's right around the corner from Sports Cafe.

I saw that Croatia Turkey game also. That was insane with Turkey scoring 3 goals in the last few minutes of the match.

And to answer your question, I think if you comment on your own blog the world implodes...ok I can't back that up.

Can we just go hang out at 10 Downing St now since you've been there. Would they not appreciate me forwarding my mail there? Talk to you soon and keep having fun.