This week seems to be that week that ends the academic coasting and begins the shitstorm of work from now until the end of the semester. Excellent. Somehow I am handling it quite well, much to my own surprise. (Give it time. She'll be procrastinating in a week.)

Friday I managed to clean my room and bathroom, grocery shop (without buying things I didn't actually need), do homework AND go to a party. Saturday I cleaned the rest of the house, and hosted a party for my grad school friends. I cooked and everything. Today I cleaned again, did 4 loads of laundry, wrote 2 papers and did my homework for Thursday. In your face, piles of homework and various other responsibilities! I was Susie Homemaker and....Girl Name Grad Student? I don't think there is a girl-nickname phrase for grad students. Beth? Penelope? Yeah, I like that. Penelope Grad Student.

I am quite proud of myself. I'm sitting in a clean room (you know how big a deal that is for me, don't you?) with 95% of my homework done for the coming week. YES.

Now this...because I can't resist a good list, especially when it's about me. I'm an only child, sue me.

Things I love:

*Writing letters to friends. SNAIL MAIL, BITCHES.
*Spring break is next week.
*Cooking for friends.
*That my parents came home today safe and sound.
*Winking. (Brian Drake is the BEST at this. For serious.)
*Office supplies.

More pointless postings to come. Maybe some more alliteration too!


KK said...

Penelope! Congratulations on your newfound productivity! I wish I could get some of that. Maybe next week when Dan's out of town...yeah right.

Meghan said...

Pene, could you share some of that productivity with me? I got a scolding today from my advisor, eek!