Spring WorkMore, DC appreciation

That’s right, it’s not really a Spring Break at all! Tomorrow Tara and I are in for the long haul at the Arlington Campus library/computer lab from 3-9pm…and again on Thursday from 10am-3pm. We’re meeting to do work for projects that aren't even due until at least a month from now, but we have so much to do in between that we have to start making dents in the work now. Also, I have a group meeting on Wednesday. And I need to go on campus to finish filling out/turn in my BUNAC work card application…and I have other homework that is due for next week. I’m complaining, I know. But I can at least see the value in the work, so that’s good. The other good news is that my program has allowed me the following experiences:

*A few weeks ago in my Arts Policy class we had a speaker from the NEA, and at one point she was discussing one of their panels and mentioned that Alberto Gonzales had been there…it was at that point that the ENTIRE glass started snickering and giggling. The NEA woman sort of smiled and giggled too and said “Don’t laugh!” Obviously, knowledge of his shenanigans is not unique to DC, but at that moment I really appreciated the fact that the entire class was politically aware. I love going to school in the DC area.

*My Arts Policy professor met the President the other day. She works for the Dept. of Labor for the Office of Disability Employment Policy. She said that at one point while meeting a disabled employee of the department, he patted her on the head and called her “an inspiration to us all.” Not cool, man, not cool. (Read: no one likes to be patronized.) Even if you think sharing this tidbit is unnecessary…it’s still kinda cool to be privy to this kind of stuff.

And finally, you can all thank Mr. Kevin Romano, because yesterday we watched the first two episodes of The West Wing! I don't think there was any question that I'd love it...and I do! I’m a sucker for anything set in DC, and of course it’s written by the CC’s fave scribe Aaron Sorkin. So now Missy can continue to be friends with me. The problem is now I want to watch ALL OF THEM AT ONCE. As you saw from the first paragraph of this kind-of-dull post, I am just slightly busy with school. But there will be more West Wing watching to come, I promise. Side note: I really like seeing all the Sports Night characters: Monica from wardrobe, Bobbi Bernstein, etc. I know there are more to come, I’m just saying…those are the first two and I like seeing members of the Sorkin family....because I want to be in it too? Maybe.

PS: I saw Josh Greenspan Saturday night – the first time since he’s been back! HOORAY! He and I went to Franklin and Missy’s and we saw Josh’s slide show of his deployment pictures, and watched SNL. Good times.

PPS: On SNL, Vampire Weekend was the musical guest and at first I was confused and generally in a state of WTF, but then I downloaded the album today, and it’s really infectious, clever, happy music. I’m so easily influenced.


KK said...

Good job Kevin. He also got me addicted to the WW...and now I OWN the entire series. But, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! Welcome back to the family :)

ro! said...

i'm still PUMPED that you blog again.
and still excited that you are going to london.

Meghan said...

If we're patient enough, maybe Sorkin will write parts for our crew OR write about our crew. That would be a happy day.