I'm all over the place on this one.

Frivolous additions to the previous post:

1. I had a dream last night, and in the dream I woke up to a total of 5 comments on the previous post. One of them was from DreamKK saying that her post about the CC was meant to be something nice, but the fact that it spurred all of these overly-emo CC posts was getting a little annoying and it needed to stop. Though it was a dream, and I only posted that one thing, and I don’t think RealLifeKK or anyone would object to a little CC cheesiness, I’ll try and keep the drama posts to a minimum. After all, that’s what I didn’t like about my last blog, right!? Haha and RealLifeKK, I am not actually accusing you fake-dream-blog-commenting. Your dream-self is probably my subconscious (errr or something) telling me I should have more fun/goofy/not pointless things on here.

…Apparently my subconscious has nothing better to do with its time than critique my blog. That is just a bit sad. (By “just a bit”, I mean “incredibly”.)

(Did You Know?!: I have a family friend that is somewhat of a dream expert, and she says that if you’re in a dream and you want it to last longer, rub your palms together in the dream. Ponder on.)

Meghan, any cool information on dreams?! Though I guess I would expect that dreams fall into the realm of psychology as much as astrology is considered scientific…

2. I added some links on the right there. Cute Overload is appropriately titled. Go Fug Yourself is hilariously wonderful, and “Things I’ve Bought That I Love” is written by Mindy Kaling, the actress that plays Kelly Kapoor on “The Office”. Fun, girly web site about buying things. Yes!

In other news, if anyone has any suggestions for eating healthy in London while not having to barter my first born, your feedback is appreciated. I mostly want to eat/cook my own food, but I don’t want to spend my life savings…and yes, I am aware that will probably happen anyway given London’s prices (no matter what the item) and the current abysmal value of the dollar.

PS – Does anyone else ever act on things that happen in their dreams? I had a dream about a year ago in which I was taking a bikram yoga class, and ever since I’ve wanted to do one. Apparently I am very easily influenced by DreamLaura. And DreamKK.

PPS - It occurs to me that my blog as a whole is random as hell and not that interesting. (Like this particular posting...you can think so freely, knowing that I think it too!) I'm not fishing for compliments here.... It's because we all know I have nothing of substance/value to write about until I get to London. I've accepted it, it's okay. It's as much as a distraction from boredom/doing work for you as it is for me, right? :-)


Meghan said...

Laura, dreams apparently are a part of psychology... there have actually been theses written about dreams and groups held to analyze dreams. But I know nothing about this as I tend to mock those who consider dream analysis science and not just kooky fun. Yes, I am mean.

In addition to reading about your fabulousness, your links (esp. amalah) keep me occupied. Thank you!

KK said...

Woot for more people getting hooked on Amalah. I hadn't read her blog for like, a week, while I was gone and then I caught up and laughed so hard I almost snorted milk out of my nose.

Anyway, sorry for my harsh dream commenting. DreamKK is kind of mean. I apologize for my subconscious self.