"Alma, check your battery!"

I have nothing of substance to discuss. I just feel like putting this out there:

1. You have no idea how often I listened to this soundtrack, on tape of course. I wanted to sing like the young nun (Sister Mary Robert, I believe?) so badly.

2. Meghan and I had a very serious discussion one afternoon about this number - and I was glad to see someone else shared my feelings, and maybe you do too. Don't you think that this performance is one thousand times better than the one they perform for the Pope?! They really should have switched songs. I'm in no way religious, but I think it's fair to say the man deserves some sort of, I dunno, hymn? They sing I Will Follow Him, which, I mean, I get it...but this one is just so. much. better.

3. Whoopi is many things, but she is NOT a conductor.

4. I would like to open it up to you to tell me if you think Sister Act I or II is better. I'm on Team I. But I do like Joyful Joyful and Oh Happy Day in the second one, those are good songs.


meghan said...

1. Doesn't everyone want to be Sister Mary Roberts?

2. As soon as I saw this post's title I immediately thought of our discussion. And I still feel the same way: this is a great mix of traditional and contemporary.

3. Conductor she is not. I am drawn to that every time. A big Hollywood budget and they couldn't get her ONE quick lesson how to conduct??

4. Team 1. Though 2 does have it's merits.

AND, I enjoyed our little duet of this song down in TX. And that the other room was also watching this. Music (band) nerds unite!

KK said...

1. Um, YES. Me too. Wasn't there some controversy though about who was singing?

I KNOW about the conducting. It hurts my feelings.

I'm a big fan of both movies. If either of them are on TV, I know what I'm doing for the next two hours. I think I would be on Team 1, but I could never reject 2.

Quality post.