my week in cooking

This is the post in which I talk about some things I’ve cooked/made in the last week, and pretend they took even a modicum of effort or talent, all while feigning like I have something in common with the cooking/food blog I obsess over. Enjooooyyyy!

Pizza – I made the dough with flour, active yeast, lukewarm water, vegetable oil, some onion and garlic powder, salt and honey. Then I added onions, red peppers, Italian seasoning, mozzarella, a little bit of pesto and a sprinkling of parmesan. Into the oven it went and it came out all browned and bubbly and perfect-looking. I loved making the dough – doughs/breads intimidate me greatly and I was worried that it wouldn’t be edible. Or worse, I’d find out it wasn’t edible after I ate it. I am happy to report that this was not the case. It was tasty.

Chicken tacos with corn and mango salsa – Sad to say that the mango salsa was pre-made. But the chicken I made by throwing together some chicken (um, duh), chili powder, cumin, and cayenne pepper and garlic pepper. Then tossed in the corn to cook with the chicken for a bit and bedded on tortillas with chopped romaine lettuce, and salsa on top. I have to say, these tasted fine, but the best part was how they looked. They were just so pretty, with the colors and freshness and everything. I'll probably go back to my other version of this using tilapia and old bay instead of chicken/corn. It tastes much better, but still looks just as pretty.

Greek salad - feta cheese, red peppers, olives, romaine and baby spinach tossed in homemade dressing – some olive oil, red wine and balsamic vinegar, and various lovely spices. The best part was that I kind of adapted the recipe in an “I’m gonna wing it” kind of way, and it doesn’t always end well when I try this. It did this time! It was pretty delish. Not as good as the one I had at Niko Niko’s in Houston, but still good.

Garden veggie cream cheese – Two things: I have no idea how to make cream cheese, let me put that out there. Also, I will fight anyone that thinks that Philly or “tubbed” cream cheese is better than deli/freshly-made kind. Because it isn’t. But it’s also all I had that particular morning, so, I dealt with it. I took 1/3-fat regular cream cheese and added finely chopped carrots, celery, black olives, chives, and a little bit of onion powder, salt and pepper. It was pretty damn good, though the best garden veggie cream cheese is Wegmans deli version. I think they use crack. I don’t exactly know how to get a hold of some crack, NOR DO I WANT TO, so I will have to continue to pay Wegmans to make the cream cheese for me. Though my version did get the highly desired Frank Benson Seal of Approval.*

Pasta – Spinach, whole wheat penne, the rest of the feta from the Greek salad, a little parmesan, olive oil and Italian seasoning. Quite good. And nice that it all fit so well together using ingredients from earlier meals in the week.

Either I made these up (the tacos, pasta, and the cream cheese) or Google helped me find the recipes – usually cooks.com has simple and quick stuff, and allrecipes.com has steered me in the right direction a couple of times. The link on the right, Smitten Kitchen, is my faaaavorite cooking blog and I’ve made a number of her recipes. They’ve been good, but I’m nowhere near as good of a cook as her so my versions never come close to the way hers look or (I’m sure) taste.

Anyway, these were all fun and colorful meals and even if they weren’t the healthiest things all the time, they were at least somewhat fresh and all (sort of) had vegetables. Also, do you notice that I use red peppers in like everything I cook? Seriously, I love them. What’s weird is that I used to avoid them like the plague, I don’t know why. I also used to say I didn’t like mustard even though I had never really tried it. I mean, I’m not overly enthused about the condiment now, but it has its place in my sandwich repertoire. I still hate tomatoes despite many a tasting. Now that my dear departed Grandmother is no longer around, I don’t have anyone forcing me to try them. Every Christmas I would be lectured about my distaste for tomatoes, and I’d have to try them while being assured I would like them (“They’re *insert variety here*, they taste much more *positive food adjective* than regular tomatoes. Eat it!”) And every Christmas, they would still taste like butt.

Well that paragraph took a left turn at weird, didn’t it? You are now all witness to my train of thought, typed out. And it usually gets a LOT more random than that. So, uh, I’m gonna go ahead and quit while I’m…not…ahead.

What tasty delights have YOU made this week?

*I can tell when he really likes something because he uses the word “outrageous”.


meghan said...

1. Yesterday I made a spinach, bacon, swiss cheese quiche. Now I kind of want it for breakfast.

2. I really thought this blog was going to be about your reading "Julie & Julia" and then that made me laugh from when Kristin & I SWORE that you said you were reading it on your blog and you had NO IDEA what we were talking about. Oh the hilarity.

3. Tomatoes are gross. However, down in NC, my friends forced me to eat a fried green tomato. Surprisingly not bad. They then followed it up with a red one. Horrible.

ro! said...

wow. reading what you've made this week has made me SO HUNGRY.

a tre haha to meghan's comment #2. i remember that. it was hilar!

ok next time after we walk, you make me food. i think i had discussed this as an option before but now i'm for serious.

i am also obsessed with SK. she's brilliant.

LB said...

2. YES! Haha, I did go back and read that yesterday, you guys were right. It does kind of seem like I was actually going to get those books. But you should have been tipped off to the contrary with the Enlightenment one. Would I spend my time reading that? No. Not unless it was that weird phase I had after reading "Eat, Pray, Love".

KK said...

You should totally read Julie and Julia though. I have a feeling the movie is not going to be as good.

We made eggplant cheese pie (savory, for dinner), yogurt fruit pie (sweet, with peaches), blueberry/peach cobbler, apricot chicken, and tonight is chunky basil tomato sauce with pasta. This week has been vegetarian week, so we've been cooking a lot.

I love the cookbook we have. LOVE.

Tomatoes rule.

Dan said...

Homemade dough? Dressing? Chicken and spices? Yummy!!! You are making me hungry, and I just ate. I'm obsessed with the idea of making breads and doughs, which we don't do, so I'm totally jealous. I encourage making a soup where the use of a blender is required though. This week, we made everything she said... (scroll up).