title fail, epic win

I first want to point out that after getting home last night, capping off two weeks of insane traveling and partying and no sleep and other general craziness, I went to bed at 7PM and woke up at 8AM THIS MORNING. THIRTEEN HOURS and I didn't wake up once in between. Geez.


I have made several posts both here and in blogs past about how awesome the college crew is. Can you blame me, really? I’m in the damn group, so maybe you thought I was a little biased. But this weekend, we have REAL PROOF that we are. Brian’s wedding weekend brought us a handful of new friends, and an official new in-law (though Christy was already totally “in”, if you will) and it was epic.

I am a big believer in combining worlds – I love to see different groups of my friends hit it off. The More the Merrier! Consolidation! It’s all good in my book. So when we spent the entire weekend partying for hours on end with a few of Brian’s LSU friends, so much so that by the actual wedding we felt like old friends, well, weekend, you win.

Thursday had me get up at 5inthegodforsakenAM (EST) and pick up Missy and Franklin to head to Dulles. We all kind of bided our time with the mall, and room switching before the rest of the gang arrived throughout the day. After we had a lovely group dinner we saw Harry Potter (eee!) and then went back to the hotel while some of the guys joined the bachelor party. Later we all converged and laughed and drank and played games and were generally very silly. We went to bed at 5am Houston time, which means I had been up for 26 hours. Surprisingly I didn’t feel bad at all – probably because the day was so freaking awesome.

Um, I suppose I don’t really need to recap anything anyway b/c the people that read this were all there, no? So we’ll leave it with: Pool. Most Amazing Greek Dinner Ever. More Awesome Partying with New Friends. Beautiful Emotional Wedding. Dancing. Delicious Champagne. No Sleep. And then flying home in a shit-can plane.

Also, the week before included a marathon surprise trip down to Savannah for a pre-wedding weekend for Ben and Jess! Hooray surprises!!! Again, almost everyone who reads this was there or has already heard about it, so we’ll continue the same format: 3AM Arrival. Drinking and New Friends. Beach. Greg Kinnear. Batshit Craziness. Fun. Cookout. No Sleep. Sparklers. South of the Border.

In other news, we didn’t get to play fact-game this weekend, so didn’t really have the opportunity to tell everyone that I had a phone interview on Tuesday. I think it went okay, but I don’t think I am going to move any further in the process. I’d like to put it out there that I would like to, though! I just have the feeling.

Finally, I took zero pictures of either event so…everyone, get to posting them so I can steal them or link them or something! The end.


meghan said...

I'm totally with you on the pictures... someone please share. Soon.

AND, phone interview? That alone is fantastic. Even if you don't move further it's practice and experience at the process so it will only help in the future. Pride.

ro! said...

i later realized we didn't play the fact game AND we didn't take a group picture with christy and brian at the wedding! sad face.

but in the end it was indeed truly epic. we'll play fact game together on saturday when we walk. =]

Kristin said...

BAH the fact game! I blame Rosa, creator of the game in the first place. (Have you seen that commercial "We should have a blamestorming session. I blame Linda" SO FUNNY) Anyhow, I like to think that the pictures with Christy's portrait and the Mishlers make up for it.

And WOOT for interviews! Congrats. You totally should have told us anyway, like, in the middle of the wedding. Vows? Psssh.

PS - the word I have to type now to post my comment is "shigglin" hahahahahaha.

Dan said...

Congrats on the phone interview! I blame Rosa too. I like how we all thought about the fact game, and now I have to resort to the fact game on our blogs. Slow down online social media, slooowwww dooowwwwn!

PS - my word is stran.