Win, Lose, or Draw

(This has nothing to do with that show. Remember it, though? Also, let's take a moment to remember one of the greatest game shows of all time, Supermarket Sweep. Seriously, how fanastic was it!? I hope they do a remake. As long as they keep the sherbert-colored sweatshirts, because, those were pretty much brilliant. )

Things that Win:

1. Playing Guess Who without asking about physical characteristics (ie you have to ask things like ‘Has your person been on ‘To Catch a Predator’, or ‘Does your person confide too much in their pets?’) (and hanging out with Meghan and her super sweet fam)

2. Having Jean, Lee, Missy, Franklin, and Kelley and the boys over Sunday night – playing host and watching the Oscars together. Put some much needed vibrancy into the house.

3. Seeing Kelley and her precious bundles of cute and love TWICE last week!

4. My parents and Parker will be home three weeks from today.

5. Tara got a job! …that means I’m next, right!? RIGHT!? :-)

Things that Lose:

1. Still not being good at feeding a baby and having a conversation at the same time. (Sorry Kel!)

2. Being done with Season 1 of the Wire and not being able to watch Season 2 fast enough.

3. Being sick of talking about unemployment, and the economy…and yet that’s all I am able to mention. I’m sick of sounding like a broken record!

4. Trying to get a normal sleep schedule again…forcing myself to get up early. SUCKS**

5. Paying for the cap, gown, and hood for my upcoming graduation. It’s expensive! I guess I’ll be a grad student for Halloween for all eternity.

Soooo, 5 things each, I guess it's a draw!


**Let’s remember who we are dealing with here – I’m talking about 9:30am. To most, that is sleeping in. To me it’s the ass-crack of dawn. How did I ever wake up at 6am every day? Ew.


KK and Dan said...

Doooooooooode, I set my alarm for 9:30 everyday too. Anyway, I'm SO JEALOUS of the CC hanging out you get to do. And the baby holding and such. And yes, you're totally next in line for a job (of course there's a line...who told you different?)

meghan said...

Those should definitely be the original and only Guess Who rules. Glad you liked the fam.:)

And cap and gown? Bleh. Now I have two. Two different, yet equally expensive sets. I feel your pain. And I am cringing at the thought of buying my doctoral robe: $400-$500.

meghan said...

OH! And I love you.

Elyse Gibson said...

Supermarket Sweep = best ever.

Keep on keepin' on girl - you'll get a job soon :)