List o' updates

1. Get Back. By Demi Lovato. LOVE IT. Yes, apparently I'm 12. I don't even care.

2. Went to the Skins v. Bills preseason game last Saturday with Chris and Dana who were nice enough to offer me an extra ticket. Of course I'm happy we won, but I was happier to finally spend some post-wedding time with Chris and Dana - I hadn't seen them since April at their wedding! Yeesh!

3. Since Monday marked the beginning of DC Restaurant week, Tara and I went to La Tasca (in Old Town) on Tuesday, and took advantage of their RW-Unlimited Tapas. YES. We were there for 2 glorious hours, it was fantastic.

4. Today...I got a phone call from none other than ROSA LEE!! She is back in the US of A! HOORAY!!!!! And I will get to see her and all of the glorious CC in 3 weeks. Cannot wait.

5. I got a job! It all came about because yesterday I had a meeting with Lori, the University Life coordinator at Mason's Arlington Campus. I've been meeting with her a lot since last semester, working with GAMS and what not. So as it turns out, they had an opening in their office for a student to come in about 10 hours a week for help with administrative stuff, event planning, etc, that kind of student activity-ish stuff. I'm gonna do it! I start next week!

6. Just because:


ro! said...

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!
glad we got to catch up a bit on the phone today. =]
see you soooooooooon

kk said...

Hooray for Restaurant Week! And hooray for new jobs! I will see you SOON!

meghan said...

Though this is your list, I'm going to steal it and add:

7. It was great to see YOU, the lovely Laura, a couple times the past two weeks. Love you!