Reston, work, Abba.

So I should probably be doing actual work at work, but…a zebra can’t change his stripes, you know what I’m saying? Leopard/spots, giraffe/gigantic neck (that’s not a saying, YET), you get the idea. See my zoo pictures if you need help.

Dinner on Monday with Mr. Thomas was a lot of fun! We went to a pub around the corner from his hotel (which was only a 10 minute walk from my office, down Oxford Street) and had some drinks and dinner and lovely conversation! It was really great to see a familiar face and talk about familiar people and places. He is one of my favorite people to joke around with so we had lots of fun. Of course we got into everyone’s favorite topic of conversation – our group of friends! Seriously, why are we so lucky?!!? Just when I think I can’t be in love with us any more than I already am…

Tuesday was a really good work day. I was really productive - I got in at 8:50am and didn’t leave until 7pm. I got some excellent feedback on a position paper/response I wrote, and took care of this mailing thing that had me up around the office. I like when I have to move around a little instead of just doing stuff that requires staring at the screen for an endless number of hours.

I also felt like I got along better with the staff. Of course this only comes when I have 4 days of work left. Neena has been out for the past two weeks on holiday so it has just been Shelley, Greg and I (and Louise, the director). ***BACKSTORY: when I went to dinner with Mr. Thomas on Monday, he was surprised to learn that I have been fairly quiet at work. In fact, a lot of times I seem to impose a “don’t speak unless spoken to” rule on myself. It’s just that when on my own, it takes me a little time to feel people out and see if I can be my loud, stupid self around them. This is the case especially at work, when I feel the need to try and be professional. Since it takes every ounce of effort I have in my body to be anything remotely close to professional, it’s easier just to be quiet. END BACKSTORY*** Tuesday felt better in this respect; I think I was a little more talkative, smiled more, and had more interaction with Shelley and Greg. I know it’s kind of sad to be excited over something as simple as talking more, but that’s how it is. I really like Shelley and Greg a lot. I wish I had more time to get to know them and see them outside of the office. They are so funny and I love the little moments when I can get in on it too.

MOVING ON. Yesterday we took advantage of our “Orange Wednesdays” and saw Mamma Mia…the movie, not the stage version. Um, I liked it, but it was kind of absurd. I think it definitely works better on stage because it’s so silly and fun and “jazz hands”, and that kind of theatrics is better reserved for the stage where you expect that level of…whatever. So the beginning of the movie had me wanting to roll my eyes, even though I’ve seen the stage version twice and loved it. I just wasn’t used to having my movies so cheesy. But then I realized that cheesy comes with the territory of Mamma Mia (and Abba, really), and you have to be ready for it no matter what the artistic medium. Then I enjoyed it and laughed a lot. And how can you not get into it when they do Dancing Queen and Waterloo?

The best/weirdest part was Pierce Brosnan singing…he wasn’t….bad….but it was just…odd. Every time he started singing our entire audience burst out laughing. Only at him, too – everyone accepted the premise for Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, even Colin Firth….but not Pierce. Apparently no one could handle 007 singing showtunes.

Fun things ahead for the weekend. You’ll hear about it Sunday or Monday. Can you handle the suspense??????


meghan said...

1. What are "Orange Wednesdays?"

2. I am thoroughly amused that we were discussing 007 this morning and, lo and behold, there's 007 in your blog (I assume you wrote this before our discussion).

KK and Dan said...

I totally do the same thing - it takes me a while to really be myself, especially around co-workers. But I'm glad you're opening up, because you're pretty fantastic you know?

Yeah, I'm nervous about Pierce singing too.

I AM excited for whatever you're doing this weekend. I will wait on the edge of my seat for the next blog post.