Last week in London

I think I’m going to try and post a little more often this week just so I don’t leave anything out.

Yesterday was my last full Tuesday in London! I walked to AND from work, and the weather was beautiful. Work was fine – just continued plugging away at my last/main assignment. I showed my true colors a little bit yesterday, much to everyone’s amusement. Greg had made coffee/tea for everyone, and as he set mine down, without thinking I said “Thanks, yo” and he kind of laughed and said “thanks, WHAT?!?!?” and then the rest of the office kind of caught on and were quite amused/confused by it as well. That kind of reaction makes me want to say even more ridiculous things. I've also called him "homeslice" a couple of times and I don't think he knows quite how to take it.

Left a little early (ish…5:15) and met up with Sharon at the British Library. Finally! I had been meaning to go for the last 3 weeks and it never worked out, until yesterday. It didn’t disappoint, that’s for sure. The building is just as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside. We only went through the Treasures and Ramayana exhibits; they were both interesting and really cool. The Treasures had the Magna Carta (one of them), music compositions written by Mozart, Handel, Beethoven and even had his tuning fork. They had a ton of religious texts, manuscripts from Thomas Hardy (Tess of the D’Urbervilles…what up Ms. Zylka!?!?!), Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and others. They had Lewis Carroll’s diary, an application letter from Lenin to the British Library, and notebooks and writings from Da Vinci and Galileo. This is only some of the stuff they have there. Anyway, it might be my favorite “museum” here.

Today is my last Wednesday in London! Walked to work again today, but it was really muggy and not as nice as yesterday morning’s walk. Work has been good so far – they’re doing interviews today so I’ve been on my own for the most part. One of the interviewees was American and she had her GPA listed on her resume– before she got there Shelley had to confirm with me what GPA stood for and then asked if her particular GPA was good. I enjoyed that. Finally I can bring some knowledge here! Of course it's on my second to last day.

Don’t know what’s on for tonight – maybe our last Orange Wednesday? (Meghan, Orange Wednesdays is this promotion put on by our mobile phone network – Orange. On Wednesdays you get a text with a voucher number that allows you to get a 2-for-1 price at the movie theatre...plus we get student rates so it’s crazy cheap) There’s talk of using our last OW to see Mamma Mia again and…I don’t think I’m up for that redonkulousness again. I mean, it was humorous the first time, but one viewing is enough. Too bad the Dark Knight preview is all sold out.

Finally, because I seem to be taking a break from working…here is a small sampling of things I am excited for come next Tuesday:

*PARKER!!!!! (look at that face!!!!)
*My room (my bed, having my own space, not living out of a suitcase)
*Seeing the sun more often (though I fully realize I will get sick of the weather in approximately 2.4 days)
*Being back in the land of the Redskins

And let’s not forget…

*The closer I get to Tuesday….THE CLOSER I GET TO BEING IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!


KK and Dan said...

Me = Jealous of the British Library visit. Miss you homeslice!

meghan said...

That looks like a great list of reasons to come home. So, how long after you're back until you're making a list of what you miss in London?

See you next week!