An Open Letter

Dear West Wing,

I don’t want to freak you out, but I think I love you.

There. I said it.

I know we’ve only been together for 3 episodes, but the love I feel can’t be denied. Your humor, intelligence, and sincerity are remarkable and I just can’t stop thinking about you.

I must admit, I feel a bit foolish. I kept you at arm’s length; I didn’t come around for a long time. All the while, you were there, patiently waiting for me. Everyone else knew from the very beginning that you were something special and in this very moment I can’t understand why I waited so long to start watching you.

I’m sorry, West Wing, for not coming to my senses sooner. I only hope you'll give our love the chance it deserves to flourish and bloom in the garden of happiness. With that said, I am even sorrier to tell you that I am going away for two months. This puts a fjord-sized hole in our budding relationship, I know. But something tells me you’ll wait for me just a bit longer. You’re just that wonderful. I’ll think about you every day while I’m gone.

All my love,



Josh said...

I feel the same way about Lost right now, but you are lucky in that you and West Wing can sit down whenever. I am still waiting for the rest of Lost to come to me.

meghan said...

1. Ooooh. People are going to be mad when they realize you're trying to steal WW away from them with your proclamation of love.

2. More importantly, excellent use of the word fjord!!

kk said...

What you should do is take the West Wing WITH you to London. West Wing, I guess, is polyamorous? IT has quite a few lovers, and those are just the people I know. Anyway. Glad you're enjoying it, like we all knew you would :)

I concur with Meghan on the use of "fjord"

Alli said...

Don't you hate it when your love with a television show is compromised? Carnivale and I were doomed from the beginning...I discovered it AFTER HBO cancelled it. At least we had our two seasons...

Thanks for stopping by the MAM office today! It brightened my morning :o)