Early birthday excitement

I received an early birthday present last week: a digital camera!! Yes, that's right - that means I did not have a digital camera. I had a good ol' 35mm.....that I hadn't used in 3 years out of shame and embarrassment.

So the next 12 on 12 I can participate in is when I'm in London, I don't have a lot coming up in the next couple of weeks, but I want to actually use my camera. Tell me what I should take a picture of! Oh, and taking/deleting pictures of Parker doesn't count; I've already been doing that, which is a surprise to no one, I'm sure.

(In other news, if you are curious, WW and I are doing great. It can sometimes be tough balancing your friends and a serious relationship, but I think it's going well. Saturday night I stopped hanging out with WW to go to a party with real, non-fictional people! It was lots of fun to catch up with kids I hadn't seen in a while. Notice I only mentioned doing something Saturday....guess what I was doing Monday through Friday. Yeah. Whatever, we're in love.)

Okay give me some photo ideas!


KK said...

Dan and I just started watching the series again from the beginning. It's nice to be back.

Josh said...

You in a phone booth, in on and around the Tube, Next to a British Guard, in a cab, drinking stout, your flat, fabulous British cuisine, cricket, Piccadilly Circus, your new British boyfriend, your place of work, and your favorite pub. There's 12 for your 12 on 12.

meghan said...

Photo idea: You in OH.