The 1/2 fortnight's highlights

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Why say "1/2 fortnight's" when you can just say "the week's"? Because sometimes you have to be a little different. Life lesson. Write that down.

I am in SUCH a weird mood, mostly because I'm deliriously happy that this week is over; it is such a relief. Though, while it has been kind of intense with all the end-of-the-semester work, along with the craziness comes a sense of accomplishment. Such feelings are always good.

Our highlight reel will start with today's events: 2 and half hours at the library without managing to attract any creepsters, a NAP(!!!), Budgets class where I found out we got a 95 on our project & presentation, and then my last and final Fundraising class! Though I'd rather get my other classes over first - Fundraising was actually entertaining slash I actually learned things slash my favorite class.

Our 1/1040 score (yes, that's the week fraction of a score, as in I just dropped Gettysburg Address vocab on you) highlights continue with Tuesday shenanigans: Tara, Mandy and I went to Old Town for lunch! We ate at Bugsy's, walked around, went in a few stores, and then ended our afternoon with Free Cone Day action at Ben and Jerry's. It was nice to hang out with Tara and Mandy when school was not involved, plus it was fun to go somewhere outside my normal routine, and the weather was really nice. Win win win.

Quickly, my 604,800 seconds also involved hanging out with Kelley and Mike on Saturday (best weather ever? YES) and finishing my internship.

Finally, were I writing this next week, I would also be including Saturday's "slash" party at Tara's. We're not celebrating GNR here, unfortunately. It's named as such because we keep adding reasons for said celebration: "Tara's birthday/Cinco de Mayo/Guess Who Tournament/End of the semester/Why the hell not" is the current title, I believe. And YES, you read that right, we are having a Guess Who Tournament. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. It's my favorite game ever.

What were your 0.000191781 of a century's like?


Josh said...

Hey I'll be in Reston at the end of this 1/2 fortnight. I'll be home for 1/7th of that so I'll give you a call!

meghan said...

Is your person blonde??